Review: Sony XG7003 4K LED TV Range

Guest blog by James,

See a world full of vivid color and lifelike detail using the Sony XG7003 range. This new installment of 4K HDR TVs comes complete with 4K X-Reality PRO upscaling technology and a TRILUMINOS display to bring your home viewing experience into the future. Sony has built on last year’s XF7003 range to give their customers a TV full of upgrades for 2019 including vibrant colours, incredible detail and off-axis picture improvement.

What’s in the box?

Sony XG7003 speakers produce great audio

Assembly and Setup

The building of the TV is quite straightforward with each foot attached to the panel using two screws each.  The set is powered (like many) via an external AC power adapter and cable. This method may be a slight inconvenience if you intend to wall-mount the set and the power adapter may also be harder to hide up if a neat installation is a priority.

Upon turning it on for the first time you will see a big Sony logo onscreen and from there it invites you to start pushing buttons on the remote to set up the Wi-Fi connection and to connect your Android phone (If you have one) to use it as an extra remote with some extra functions before progressing on to tuning. During this procedure you are offered a choice to set the TV up in either ‘Shop Mode’ or ‘Home Mode’ so, unless you like an over the top punchy picture and onscreen graphics appearing at the most in-opportune moments explaining the sets features, just stick with the Home Mode!! Once all of this is done you can enjoy the very natural picture of the XG7003BU.

Comparing this new model with its predecessor, the new model seems sharper with better colors and an improved build quality using feet made of a much sturdier material. The remote is a stock standard item that covers all of the key aspects in controlling the TV. As this set is a smart TV, it has a whole library of apps that can be accessed by a click of a button. App options include the BBC I-Player, ITV Hub, All4, My5, YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime and many others so that you can stream all of your favourite content directly to the TV.

Sony XG7003 smart remote navigation buttons

With adequate sound, you could be able to get away with not buying additional audio equipment but, as with many flat screen TVs, for optimum, mind-blowing sound you will need to invest in an accompanying soundbar. Sony offers many sound bars that are designed to work with their wide range of sets, two options in particular which compliment the Sony XG7003 are the HTSF150 and the HTSD35. It should be noted that the latter model comes with a sub-woofer and is the premium choice between the two options for a vastly better result with more detail, power and depth.  


To conclude, the Sony XG7003 range is Sony’s new entry point of 4K TVs with HDR10. If you want to venture a little higher into the Sony range, the next models up would be the XG8196BU and the XG8305BU, which are both Android-based operating systems.

However the accomplishments of the Sony XG7003 range should still be considered as it stands at a good price point and is comparable to the other three major TV manufacturers in the market. It is also easy enough to use, offers a great picture for the cost and does not lack in sound quality. In a nutshell, it’s a terrific TV at a realistic price with great smart features most people would be extremely happy with. For more information, visit us online or in-store for full product specifications and a friendly chat with our knowledgeable team of tech gurus. Happy shopping!