Review: Sony XG9505BU Smart 4K Ultra HD TV

Guest Blog by Richard,

With class-leading picture quality, immersive sound and unparalleled smart technology, the Sony XG95 4K, Ultra HD, LED TV is Sony’s must-have Android LED TV for 2019. For all of the answers to your burning questions, read our exclusive guide to the new range below:

Setting up is fast and easy.

In the box, you get the usual footwork to affix onto the TV itself, that’s unless it’s going to be wall-mounted. You can speed up the lengthy process of logging in to your various apps by simply downloading the Google Assistant app. By doing this, you can set up your preferences in seconds and transfer your Google account details, so no need to enter any passwords!

Say goodbye to clutter…

Another change this year is the remote control. It can control multiple devices via Bluetooth such as the Sky Q box or the PlayStation, so there’s no need for any additional remote controls. After all, less table clutter is always a blessing.

That’s not the only measure that’s been taken to keep things neat. Thanks to the cable tidy solution, you can simply thread the cables into the back of the footwork itself. This hides the unsightly cables on your TV stand so that it doesn’t affect your home decor. Perfect for a more minimalistic look!

The Android TV OS is super easy to use.

If you’re used to Android, you’ll already know how to use it, but if you aren’t… don’t worry! It’s really easy to get to grips with and doesn’t take much time at all to learn. It even frequently updates apps to keep your mind at ease and your TV running smoothly. This should give you more faith in the product life. After all, the last thing you need is a top-notch TV with no apps to use.

The software is great – but so is the hardware.

Part of the appeal to owning a top-end TV is knowing that you have the best picture possible. This is achieved through dual-database processing; one reduces the on-screen noise and the other upscales the resolution to give you the best picture possible. It doesn’t matter if you’re just watching TV, a 4K UHD Blu-Ray DVD or 4K gaming – you’re guaranteed the ultimate image 24/7.

Sony uses object-based Super Resolution and HDR to give you a high depth of field in the content you’re watching whilst also improving the colours and contrast. This includes some very clever stuff that requires no input from you. Just switch the TV on and away you go!

The XG95 series also consists of a full-array and local dimming – this means the TV is fully-backlit rather than edge-lit. It can create more accurate, deeper blacks and contrasts without breaking a sweat. Further ensuring that your new TV gives you a premium, more realistic image.

This TV is packed with so many features that I could go on, but then we wouldn’t have anything to talk about when you visit us at your local Hughes store! If I’ve convinced you already, then why not give us a call, take a visit to a local store or purchase online today? Happy shopping!