Review: The Sony EX93 and EX94 range of Ultra 4K Televisions

Guest Blog by Stefan

Every now and again, a product comes along that so enamours a member of our team that they want to shout it from the rooftops. Stefan, who joined the team just over a year ago, has sent a shining review of the new Sony EX93 and the EX94 range – and explained why he’s such a fan. Read on to find out what’s got our Stefan so keyed up!

I have always taken an interest in TVs, so you can imagine how exciting it is when a new range is launched. When the Sony EX93 and EX94 were introduced, I was really blown away by the features, styling – and the all-important picture, too.

The Sony EX93 4K ULTRA HDR Smart TV is a great TV that delivers a truly incredible picture; let me talk you through how Sony do this:-

  • Slim Backlight Drive; this lightens up the screen with extraordinary brightness and it directs light where it is needed, filling scenes with extra brightness and deep contrast.
  • X1 Extreme shows images and colours as they truly are, the way the content creator wants you to see them.
  • 4K High Dynamic Range; this TV pairs the brilliance of 4K clarity with the brightness, colour and detail of High Dynamic Range. It can handle a variety of HDR formats, which includes HDR10, Hybris Log-Gamma, and Dolby Vision.
  • Dolby Vision brings scenes to life with striking highlights, deeper darks and vibrant colours. This creates a cinematic experience in your own home.
  • Sony’s TRILUMINOS display enriches your viewing experience with a wider palette of colours, meaning that you get to experience true colours.
  • Sony has made the XE93 fractionally deeper to accommodate more local dimming zones which means it’s got much-improved luminance control.
  • It’s also got a matrix structure on the back of the television. The matrix structure is a stroke of genius because it allows you to hide all your cables behind various covers and clamps, integrated to ensure all cables remain hidden so makes the TV look neater and elegant.
  • In this year’s model Sony has got rid of the external power pack and it’s now built-in.
  • The XE94 range is in an amazing 75 inch screen for a true home-cinema experience. It combines HDR presentation with fantastic image processing to make it, for me, reign supreme, topping any other led backlight or LCD television for 2017. The system is called the FALD system which allows different parts of the LCD panel to be illuminated or darkened independently of each other which is a highly visible contrast.

These are just a few of the points that have got me so impressed. Of course, being Sony there’s amazing picture quality – thanks to the X1 Extreme 4K HDR processor – but the TV itself is also finished to a very high standard.

Working for an electrical retailer means that I get to try out lots of products before I buy so I personally believe if you were to combine this TV with a high end Sony soundbar, you will have the perfect audio visual system. It’s fair to say that without a soundbar, the sound quality is every bit as good as any other TV but will never be as good as a soundbar so this is what I would recommend.

You can buy the Sony XE93 KD55XE9305BU in a 55” screen size for £1699 or rent it for £27.69 per week. We also stock the 65” screen (buy for £1999 or rent for £36.92 per week) for those wanting to create a home cinema.

The TV also currently comes with a free 5 year warranty, for added peace of mind.