Review: Tower T12020 Vitablend Pro 1200W Multi-Blender

Guest blog by John.

Blenders and juicers are E V E R Y W H E R E. While juicers are synonymous with healthy living, they can do a whole lot more than whip up a kale smoothie.  After reading all I thought I needed to know on these products, my overriding thought was “WOW, there are so many, who knew they could do so much?” In the end, though I decided, on the Tower T12020 Vitablend Pro. After considerable “road testing”, I am so glad I did.

Why?  Quite simply, it can do everything I want – and much more, besides – and all at a great price. With summer coming, to be able to have cold juices on the go is great… ice crushed at the same time of blending/juicing is fantastic, too.

With the 1200 watt motor, there are so many possibilities. The motor sets the blades spinning slowly and gets up to full power very quickly; this reduces stress on the motor meaning it should last longer. That said, Tower kindly give an impressive 3 year guarantee on the unit & a lifetime guarantee on the blades.

The Tower T12020 was less noisy than a few blenders that I had looked at and tried out. Already a fan of the warmer weather, I am looking forward to summer & the BBQ season more, armed with my Tower T12020!  Freshly made coleslaw, course or smooth, I can do it with the pulse button. With the same machine, I can make my children healthier, fresh juices and smoothies. Containing substantially less sugar than shop-bought drinks and made in the same cups the children will be drinking from (which are PBA free) they won’t even know it’s healthier living. They won’t even care, as long as it tastes good & it will. Cheaper for me as well, with summer holidays around the corner.

Importantly for a busy household, it is dishwasher proof – even the blades. It comes complete with everything you need to shred, chop, juice, grate, mix & puree. Oh,  it doesn’t make your teeth chatter when you’re using it; vibration is minimised by the thick rubber pad underneath.

If, after reading this you’re interested, head to your local store (they’ll be happy to give you some advice & even a demonstration), order online or why not pick one up in as little as one hour with our Click & Collect service.