Review: Roberts SolarDAB 2 Radio

Roberts SolarDAB 2

Come rain or shine, there’s nothing better to raise your spirits than listening to your favourite tunes. Known for their high-quality audio equipment, the Roberts SolarDAB 2 is a solar powered DAB/DAB+/FM radio that is perfect for both inside and outside the home.

Chic, stylish and compact, this radio is perfectly portable and ideal for picnics in the great outdoors or for entertaining in any room you desire. Using a solar panel integrated into the top of the unit, the SolarDAB 2 radio absorbs direct sunlight in order to charge the batteries and provide power. Just pop it on a sunny windowsill for a few hours and enjoy listening to your favourite radio stations whenever and wherever you like. Once fully charged, you can enjoy a whopping 27-hours of use without needing to recharge it at all. It can even recharge while being used, to add extra functionality to a great piece of tech.

Worried about dreary winter? Don’t worry! The Roberts SolarDAB 2 Radio comes with an AC adaptor so that you can charge your device the old-fashioned way for when the sun just doesn’t want to play. Be rest assured, you will never get caught short of charge thanks to the LED solar and battery indicator which keeps you in the loop from day to night.

With a wide choice of stations to choose from, this radio provides the ultimate escape in a portable device. It even comes complete with a headphone socket for when you need to block the world out. Effortlessly straight forward, controlling the SolarDAB is simple enough for the whole family to enjoy. The buttons and navigation features are clearly labelled without having a negative impact on the overall aesthetic.

Enjoy adventures with your favourite DJs in tow thanks to this fantastic solar powered radio! If you would like to find out more about the Roberts SolarDAB 2 radio, you can view our dedicated product page here. The SolarDAB 2 is also available for our handy home delivery and Click & Collect services.

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