The “Get Fit with Fakenham” Challenge – 2 Weeks in

Guest blog by Lauren Campbell

blog template sizeI didn’t think I would say this, but the Fitbit is changing my life. All at once I’m more motivated, I’m keeping pace, aware of my movements and the things I’m eating. The Fitbit is becoming less of a challenge just two weeks in and more of a way of living.

Two weeks isn’t the greatest length of time and perhaps it’s a bit premature to be singing about the changes in my life, but I am most definitely starting to see them. Its taking me longer to lose my breath during harder activities, I’m sleeping better, eating less, moving more and have needed to purchase a belt as my trousers no longer fit quite as snuggly as they did.

But before I start waving my little banner of triumph, let me first tell you how the Fitbit works.

Straight out of the box the Fitbit Flex comes with two options for a wrist band, fitting all wrist types but also allowing for you to slim down during use. I like this features as it makes the Fitbit a product that doesn’t just have a lifespan for its purpose, you don’t just lose the weight then lose the commission of the device. With the two sized wrist bands (both adjustable) you can keep the Fitbit indefinitely to help you along your Fitness road, even once the pounds are shed.

month stepsI’ve been syncing my Fitbit Flex with my PC, for which you get a short USB dongle, small enough that it’s not overly obtrusive if left plugged into the PC. You can also sync your device with tablets and phones via the Bluetooth, I keep mine active with the Fitbit app on my iPad, which incidentally gives a great over view of your progress.

I had thought that wearing the Fitbit would be uncomfortable for prolonged periods of time but was pleasantly surprised. The Device does not need to be tightly bound so long as the battery is flush to the skin to pick up on your pulse. Having been sleeping with mine on also, I noticed that the rubber used is quite soft and does not scratch my face when I roll over. It’s also water resistant and I have been able to do the washing up whilst wearing it or take a shower.

The online dashboard I have found the most useful as you can access the food and activities log anywhere with Wi-Fi, so you can add you meals as you eat them, sleep half awake1not having to rely on memory. The dashboard logs also offer a wide variety of food options, from frozen products from specific supermarkets to calorie specific options from major takeout places such as Subway to individual ingredients for custom home cooked meals. Very useful if like me you enjoy spending time in the kitchen.

The dashboard not only allows you to input your daily intake, but tells you how many more calories in your allotted amount you have left to enjoy. And unlike the diet goblins of the past frowning as you reach for the next Muller Light, the Fitbit employs a friendly looking fuel gauge to display this.

The best thing about the Fitbit Flex in my opinion is that it tells you with a five light food plan1system how well you’re doing towards your daily steps or burnt calories (you can set it as you like), and the more lights you light up during the day the better you’re doing. It will also buzz and flash when you reach your goal. You can also ask the Fitbit to set a morning alarm to wake you by buzzing.

For myself, the first two weeks of the Fitbit challenge have not been nearly as much of a struggle as I would have thought, the Fitbit has helped keep me so much more motivated than past attempts without it. My steps have definitely increased during the course of the past two weeks and I have found myself eating less and not reaching for snacks in-between meals.

As I’ve already said, I’ve lost a little weight so far as my trousers no longer fit, however I have yet to weigh myself and will be holding off until my big reveal in another two weeks time. I will say this though, the outlook is bright. I am most definitely not in this for this month alone. I feel better, my asthma hasn’t been bothering me as much, my skin is clearing up thanks to the Fitbit water prompt, I’m not as hungry and I even see morning jogs becoming a part of the future. Thus far, I would highly recommend the Fitbit Flex!