Trade Review: Candy FCP600X 65L Electric Single Oven

Trade Candy Electric Cooker

Guest blog by Jon from our Hughes Trade Redditch branch,

The Candy FCP600X multifunction single fan oven is versatile for both the installer and user alike! It comes well packed in tough plastic and durable polystyrene, making it perfect for both bulk work on site and single transportation.

For installation purposes, this Candy FCP600X oven has some great time-saving advantages. It comes fitted with a 13-amp cable, so it can be either hard wired into a socket or, with the addition of a 3-pin plug, it can be plugged straight into a plug socket. It also comes with a big void at the back, which is ideal if you intend to install it below a gas hob where the pipework can sometimes cause problems with flush fitting.

For the user, this oven has so many useful functions. With its impressive above-average capacity of 65 litres, it comes with two wire shelves and three different positions for them to fit, it is perfect when catering for larger groups or baking multiple trays of cakes at the same time. The multifunction aspect makes it more versatile than basic fan ovens meaning that the user can do a lot more. Its functions include fan cooking (the fan moves air around the oven for a more even bake), grilling, grill and fan cooking at the same time, gentle baking (no fan, for more advanced baking and crisping), intensive baking (for dishes that require a moist topping and a crisp base), a defrost setting (speeds up the natural process by using the fan without any heat) and that all important pizza option.

The FCP600X, with its very affordable price point and long list of features, makes it a desirable oven in the marketplace. It has a stylish stainless-steel control panel with two easy to use dials – one for oven programs and one for temperature. The front glass has a tinted edge and a clear center, so you keep a vigilant eye on your food whilst it cooks without opening the door. The door is also double glazed with a constant flow of air travelling between the two pieces of glass. This is a great safety feature that helps keep the outside panel cool and it may come in handy if it is positioned where young children can get to it.

As an overview, although the Candy FCP600X falls into the budget price category compared to the rest of our oven range, its extensive list of programmes and features means that it can still compete well with the higher models when it comes to cooking functions. The only feature that this oven doesn’t have that you may or may not miss is a timer but, now that smartphones and speakers are an everyday item, this can be easily overlooked. Other ovens in its price range do have a timer, however they often lack the multi-function aspect which makes this product unrivaled. For more information, check our website (you must log in to see full pricing information) or visit your nearest Hughes Trade counter for an in-depth chat with our team of experts.