Trade: Proud Sub-distributor of Sonos

If you are familiar with Sonos products, you’ll know that in a little more than 10 years the brand has created a whole new genre of audio. Supplying fabulous sounding, neatly packaged speakers, controllers and amplifiers that do exactly what they set out to achieve. Their devices provide great sounding music that organises your listening whilst remaining truly easy to use.

If you are not familiar, let me introduce you. The start point is a Play:1 speaker, at less than £150 at retail, it buys you a small but surprisingly great sounding little speaker. With a free download control app, it allows you to manage your music, set playlists, create queues of music and stream radio. You can add additional speakers, create ‘zones’ for grouping areas, and even listen to different sources from several speakers.

Going up the range gets you a larger, even better sounding speaker in the Play:5 and on to a range of three TV (HDMI) ARC compatible soundbar products to enhance the sound of modern, super slim TVs. You can choose between the Beam, Playbase and Playbar, which all still feature Sonos easy use and app control. Mate these, or any of the standalone speakers, with a Sonos sub-woofer for extra thump and a deep bass whether you prefer watching movies or listening to music. For an excellent wireless Dolby surround sound system, a soundbar, a pair of play:1 speakers as rears, and a sub-woofer takes a lot to beat.

Next-level set-ups comprise of the new Sonos AMP, a fully featured 125 watt digital amp that can be connected to your favourite speakers or up to three pairs of newly released Sonos in-ceiling, in-wall or waterproof patio speakers. Another great Sonos product is the Connect, a controller that offers all the Sonos benefits to an existing hi-fi with traditional stereo RCA (phono to phono) connectors.

For Sonos aficionados, you can easily create a multi-zone system around your home or business that seamlessly funnels all of your music content. This includes iTunes, Amazon Music, your home server, music streaming services like Spotify and BBC Sounds (soon) through multiple speakers, of multiple speaker types, even hidden ones! Play your favourite songs indoors & outdoors… music everywhere.

Experience hours of entertainment being the greatest host on your block. Just pop your speakers into party mode, trust your guests on to your wi-fi network and take turns to add an absolute cracker to the queue. Be it a TV theme, beat the intro, unqualified classic or dance floor smash, you are guaranteed a top night.

Over the years Hughes have sold tens of thousands of Sonos products and now our B2B wholesale department Hughes Trade have won sub-distributor status supporting custom installers, builders and large organisations. With high expectations and service levels, all prospective installers and providers are vetted and authorised by the brand. Get in touch with our Hughes Trade division if you’d like to find out more.