Trade Review: Barco CS-100 Clickshare

Let’s talk presentation systems! I am sure we have all been in a meeting room with our presentation all prepared on the laptop or tablet ready to go and the cable doesn’t reach. An already stressful situation is then amplified while you struggle to stretch the cable across the conference table in order to display your hard work. Well not anymore, my friends! I would like to introduce to you the world of wireless presentation systems.  The Barco Clickshare CS-100 is a compact wireless presentation system that can operate on PC, Android and IOS devices.

Now, I know some of you will say we know of lots of wireless presentation systems, but here is why I think the CS-100 really stands out. Most click-share systems allow you to plug the “Clicker” in via HDMI which all sounds great until you realise that your laptop does not have a HDMI connection. The CS-100 uses a USB connection, which is standard on the majority of devices. Another clever option for tablet users is the useful “ClickShare presenter app”. Just download the app for IOS or Android and you can instantly stream your presentation to the screen. After all, “Don’t just take my word for how easy it is to set up new devices – take a look at the connection guide!”

Installation – St Giles House Hotel

I was recently approached by the Manager of St Giles House Hotel to help update two of their small conference rooms. The requirements for this were to look at upgrading a cabled system that was on a trolley stand with a small TV attached. The customer wanted a “professional” looking system that could wirelessly transmit presentations for business meetings. The CS-100 was an ideal solution for this! We managed to wall-mount two new 50” TVs and attach the receiver box to the back for a truly professional set-up. To give the customer the full “peace of mind package,” this was taken on the business rental option where, for a low monthly “fully tax deductible” fee, we will supply, install and maintain the equipment during the rental term.

This is a statement given to us by Scott McBride (Deputy General Manager at St Giles House Hotel):

“Hi Karl, The system is great and has made a real difference to both ourselves and our guests by reducing the labour and set-up times as well as the need for our events team to draw up plans for events and it is very easy for our guests to use across multiple platforms. It has even given us the ability to multi-use as, during Christmas, we are able to use it to stream Christmas music while displaying images of a log fire burning on the screen!”

 Key Features.

This presentation system is ideal for small conference rooms:

  • Wireless connection to a central screen.

Instantly stream what’s on your device to a screen. No mess! No fuss!

  • One user on-screen.

The presentation will appear in full screen mode in full HD (1080p)

  • Share from a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

The multi-platform connectivity is ideal for all users.

  • Delivered with one button.

The system is ready to go! No additional equipment needed.

  • Up to 8 users can connect simultaneously.


The CS-100 is an ideal solution for small conference/business rooms. Its small, sleek design allows you to have a smart and seamless set up. Create a completely professional setup with no visible cables to clutter your conference room. The clever USB connection will give you the peace of mind in knowing that anyone and everyone will be able to use this great piece of tech. Its usability will make this even more appealing for potential bookings and attract local businesses to use your new set up. If you think this would interest you, please find out more about our Custom Installations and Smart Technology solutions here: