Trade Review: Beko DIN15211 Fullsize Dishwasher

Beko DIN15211

Guest blog by Chris at Hughes Trade Birmingham

The Beko DIN15211 is a full-size integrated dishwasher that is the professional way to ensure all your dirty dishes are given the perfect clean – every time you use it. It makes use of Beko’s latest innovations to make life easier with features like super-fast programs and energy saving technology. Beko has become one of the world’s leading white goods manufacturers over the last ten years gaining a reputation of practicality and reliability at an affordable price.

Why do our trade customers like this dishwasher?

Let me introduce you to one of our regular customers, Dave, who has bought several of these recently. Dave is from ‘Ron’s the One’ in Redditch, a family business that specializes in home appliance repairs and new appliance installations. We provide him with a range of white goods which he picks up from our Redditch store. He says this particular dishwasher is the ideal choice for his and his clients’ requirements, as Dave explains, “It’s ideal for me having the Redditch store local to me; I can pop round and pick up the stock any day of the week. The price is just right, great value for what you get from this machine. You get a two year manufacturer warranty from Beko whereas you sometimes only get one year with other machines. The range of programs is also something you might only get on more expensive machines. You’ve got washes for really caked-up dishes and everyday stuff but in particular the thirty minute option is what many of my customers ask for”.

Like Dave, most of our customers (or our own teams) are usually required to provide full installation of the products we supply. Built-in appliance can often require expert attention by the installers to get the job done efficiently. This particular dishwasher has an intuitive door installation mechanism which can adjust itself to the weight of the exterior furniture door providing the installer friendly solution every time.This counterbalance mechanism also allows you to leave your dishwasher door open in any position.  This is only one reason why this is an appliance of choice for several landlords and housing associations.

Beko DIN15211 Open

What do you need your dishwasher to do?

Wash dishes of course – we know!  The Beko DIN15211 does that – brilliantly – but also offers its user an A+ overall energy rating with an ‘A’ drying rating.  Flexibility comes in the formof five programs, including a mini 30’ quick wash program. This quick wash is ideal for those, like Dave’s clients, who are time-pressured as it is capable of washing a full load in only thirty minutes.There are two daily programs with a choice of temperatures.

For heavily-soiled pots and pans the 70 degrees intensive program is ideal.

The Beko DIN15211’s ‘Quick and Shine’ option washes a full load in just 30 – 58 minutes (depending on how dirty your dishes really are).

A special ‘eco program’ is the most economical for regular usage. It’s better – and cheaper – than getting the rubber gloves out and washing up in the sink. There is also a half load option which will save up to 25% of energy and water consumption. This is ideal for smaller households or those who don’t have the need to wash a full load every time. Less energy = smaller wash = smaller bills!

In order to create more space for the user this dishwasher has a removable sliding cutlery basket which gives you an easier way to load the machine.  The cutlery basket can also be removed completely to make additional space for all of your bigger items such as the larger pots and pans. If you have deeper dishes the height of the upper basket can be easily adjusted for even more room in the bottom basket. The upper baskethas cup racks that can be folded down to create extra room for pans and bowls too.The lower basket has foldable plate supports that are designed for an easier positioning of larger pots and pans. This all contributes to aiding you load your dishwasher more efficiently with flexibility to accommodate changing needs.

Beko DIN15211 Front Open

Capable of holding twelve place settings (up to 140 individual items) and combined with this range of programs and functionality, makes the Beko DIN15211 the perfect answer for most family demands.

In a world increasingly worried about rising energy costs and impact on the environment this Beko DIN15211 has an overall energy rating of A+. Its noise rating of only 49 decibels compares favorably with other integrated dishwashers.

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