Trade Review: Numatic NRV240-11 Commercial Vacuum Cleaner

Guest blog by Scott at Hughes Trade Huntingdon.

Henry vacuum cleaners are a hugely practical and versatile machine for home or commercial use. The NRV240-11 is the new and improved model with a 2.3m long flexible hose. This is perfect for reaching awkward places and should see you vacuuming up and down your stairs with minimal effort.

There is an enormous amount of mains cable, with 12.5m of wire coiled inside the top of the cleaner. This means, once you’ve plugged it in, you shouldn’t have to unplug it and relocate as you make your way around the house. Henry’s nine-litre capacity also means that you shouldn’t have to keep emptying it all the time. All of this, and only 8kg in weight, makes the Henry hoover the ideal vacuum for any situation.

Navigating round furniture is easier than ever before with a slightly altered design. The brains behind the Numatic vacuum have added a skirt with the wheels set further back to give it more stability. These changes also include the bottom of the machine being wider and higher off the floor than the well-loved original. This is key, due to the larger capacity, and means that it is less likely to fall over as it careens around corners.

When the time does come to empty him, Henry’s simple design makes this an easy job. Simply unclip the top part, which contains the motor and mains cable, lift out the TriTec filter and disengage the dust bag to fit a new one in its place.

Customers will be happy to note that it’s not deafeningly loud, at just 72dB (with background office air con hitting 53dB), Henry matches Dyson’s silent V6 Absolute for quietness. It’s easy to talk over and (hopefully) shouldn’t wake the baby. The Numatic is also a decent energy saver at 620W giving you great suction with the minimum use of energy. This is a result of ProFlo technology incorporated into the vacuum to lower the total energy consumption without impacting its brilliant performance.

The cleaner also comes with a bunch of tools and add-ons including smaller brushes, a thin crevice tool and different sized steel tubes so that no matter the challenge – the Numatic is sure to tackle it with ease! Vacuum bags are readily available for this machine and here at Hughes we always carry these in stock. Customers who choose this model are sure to not be disappointed…especially if you remember that its predecessor, Henry, is a well-known and trusted household name with a stellar reputation and longevity. This vacuum will clean up your messes for years to come.