Trade: SEBO BS360 Widesweep Comfort Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Guest blog by Fred at Hughes Trade Leicester,

The SEBO BS360 is not just any old vacuum cleaner; it has given me the highest performance and most reliable service I have ever experienced. I might go so far as to say it is one of the best purchases I have made. After all, the BS360 is called ‘Comfort’ for a reason, it is designed for lengthy periods of use and is very easy to maintain. I know that when I decide to vacuum I want to get it all done in one go so this is ideal.

The key benefits of this vacuum cleaner are:

–        It has easily accessible, unblocking points

–        Replaceable key parts i.e. Brush strips and heads

–        Easy to use

–        Extremely durable

–        Extra wide cleaning head at 36cm

–        Cleans flat to the floor – high cleaning efficiency

–        ‘L’ Shaped head enables it to reach under furniture along with great floor edge cleaning – it also allows cleaning under radiators.

It might not be the most attractive vacuum on the market, but its simple appearance shows that less time and money has been spent on superficial matters and more on improving efficiency and ability.

Another fact for you to consider is that the BS360Comfort has a twin motor design with an integrated hose & wand and a carry handle which is designed for comfort and effectiveness. The filter system includes a high-efficiency particulate absorber (HEPA) giving the additional benefit of cleaner air after its use.

In essence, the BS360Comfort is second to none in its field. If you are like me and are looking for a vacuum that will service hard to reach areas, along with one that requires little effort to use, then the BS360COMFORT should be a first choice. It weighs just 7.9kg, has a 5L filter bag, 700w suction motor, 175w brush motor and a 10m long cable. It should be noted that we also stock the SEBO BS460 which is very similar to its predecessor but includes a 46cm wide cleaning head for larger areas.

If you still have doubts about the purchase, pop in to your local store for a quick chat with the experts. The staff at Hughes are so helpful, before I ordered, I popped down to my local branch and had a chat with the staff to gauge their professional opinions on what I was looking for. I was welcomed with a coffee and, not only did I get the information I needed, I also had a laugh whilst I was there.

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