Trade: The Popularity of SEBO Vacuum Cleaners

Sebo Commercial Vacuum Cleaners

Are SEBO still the best upright vacuum cleaners in the world? I think so!

Like most things, vacuum cleaner styles go in and out of fashion. Remember the orange Vax that was popular in the 80s, the Dyson’s that were popular in the 90s, the autonomous robot vacuums that are popular now and, of course, the evergreen Henry that has been popular for what feels like forever. Cordless ‘stick’ vacuums are incredibly popular at the moment! If you have hard floors or a modern apartment (which doesn’t take too long to hoover) a modern stick vac is a great solution. They certainly have their place in the market but if you have any kind of carpet and want to care for it, or have an interest in thorough cleaning, you need to read on.

SEBO is a quality German brand that started making commercial upright vacuum cleaners forty years ago. They are certainly of traditional design and, whilst they have evolved greatly over the last 40 years, they still maintain the core principles of a powerful mains powered motor (or two), a spinning brush for effective cleaning and a physical dust bag. There are good reasons for this, you can clean for longer, more thoroughly and more hygienically than any other practical method.

Still a family business, they regularly gain best buy reviews and receive recognition for design, longevity and results. Used in many of the top hotels and are recommended by prominent carpet manufacturers. They are one of the best for the cleaning and caring of carpets, but of course they can be used on hard floors too.

Sebo handheld features

The machines are praised for their solid build, twin motor commercial ranges that can be worked hard, and the option of a wider body if you have large areas to cover. Some features you can expect include a long and tough orange cord, a ‘bag full’ indicator and safety brush clutch with automatic cut-out and automatic servo-controlled height control.

Potential buyers will be pleased to note that they have high-class filtration systems which are recommended by the British Allergy Foundation. A product of choice in care homes, due in part to highly specified filtration as all products are or can boast S-CLASS filtration, they reach the standard required to remove a minimum of 99.97% of 0.3-micron particles. In practice, the SEBO S-CLASS system will remove 100% of particles of 1 micron and above. For reference, dust mite faeces are around 10 microns! This is reason enough to see why you need one for your business! They also use a 3-layer filter bag with hygienic integrated sealing flap to eradicate the cloud of dust you normally get when emptying a bagless vac.

At Hughes Trade, we are proud to be SEBO Commercial main dealers. We carry their whole range of vacuum products and keep them in stock at a competitive price along with the dust bags to match. We also carry select demo models that we test out in our offices so that we can advise on the best machine for your needs. These are arguably the best and biggest-selling commercial upright vacuums in the world and they are nowhere near as expensive as you’d think. With complete confidence in the product, we include SEBO Commercial appliances in our rental fleet, Why not obtain the latest SEBO commercial vacuum cleaners with no capital outlay? Feel free to get in touch for information.