Review: Lec R5010W Under Counter Fridge

Lec Undercounter Fridge

As we get excited about the summer finally arriving, the LEC R5010W under-counter fridge is guaranteed to keep you cool!  Fill with your favourite food, litres of soft drinks, ice cold beers, perfectly chilled rosé and all you need for an impromptu Easter barbeque (hope springs eternal) and celebrate the weather getting warmer, knowing your new LEC fridge will be taking perfect care of your food and drink.

Officially cool for more than 75 years, LEC was formed by a British fishmonger, Charles Purley, in the early 1940’s.  Based in Bognor Regis, Charles become so fed up with the ever soaring cost of ice that he decided to develop a refrigeration system to keep his fish fresher and cooler for longer.  The first LEC fridges were simply made using a C02 compressor. While things have certainly moved on since then, one fact remains true: LEC products keep your drinks cold, your food chilled and your frozen goods, well, frozen! 

Lec R5010W Under Counter Fridge model image

The LEC R5010W measures in at 50com in height, making it the perfect fit to slide underneath a worktop.  The simple white finish ensures that this fridge will fit in with your décor, whether it’s in a kitchen, pantry or utility room.  Convenience abounds, as this LEC fridge has recessed handles and – thanks to reversible doors – you don’t need to worry about where you place it.

The LEC R5010W has an 89 litre capacity (83 litres net), so it will accommodate 4 bags of your favourite foods and drink. The LEC R1050W makes good use of all the space and features a bottle shelf in the door, 2 nice deep selves and a salad drawer to ensure the freshest, crispest leaves and veg. 

This model also features an auto defrost cabinet, so you’ll never have to spend time defrosting it yourself. There’s also a really useful ice box (we always recommend that you defrost this occasionally in order to keep it working as efficiently as possible) which is ideal for storing those all-important ice cubes.  In fact, the ice box freezer area is 14 litres – so you can pop your ice cream in too!  The adjustable thermostat helps you take care of the environment and, with an estimated annual energy cost of less than £30, you’ll also find that it’s kinder on your utility bills, too.

Lec R5010W Under Counter Fridge interior

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