WIN: Liebherr CNSL3033 NoFrost Fridge Freezer in Silver

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Gone are the days of a fridge just keeping food cool and a freezer plunging your foodstuffs into a frozen block, in stasis until you took eventually removed to defrost.

These days, more so than ever before, we are aware that we need to mindful of our diet. There is irrefutable scientific evidence that eating a carefully balanced diet has both short- and long-term benefits for our health. Key to achieving a balanced diet is about eating good quality food that’s fresh, full of the right vitamins, elements and minerals. With so much information at our fingertips, we now understand the makeup of our foods and can ensure that we do what we can to eat nutritious food that won’t just provide our bodies with the energy that we need, but will support our metabolism and strengthen our immune system, too.

Generally speaking, the fresher the food, the higher the nutritional content – but our lives are now so busy that very few of us can manage “Food Yards” (where you grow your own & keep animals) and we certainly don’t want to shop every day. Fortunately, Liebherr have developed BioFresh. Liebherr’s BioFresh technology achieves the right combination of the correct temperature and the necessary humidity levels to keep your food fresher, for longer.

Liebherr’s BioFresh technology uses specialised refrigerated compartments that effectively create the ideal environment for fruit & veg, dairy products, meat and fish. By creating the best possible storage for these different food groups, you can be sure that you’re retaining the freshness, flavour and nutrients for longer.

Of course, we also need our fridge freezers to be practical, too and the CNSL3033 has practicality in spades. There’s a full length bottle rack, so there’s space for milk, your favourite white wine AND the kids’ drinks, too. On the subject of kids, the handy audible alarm will let you know if the fridge door has been left open for more than 60 seconds – perfect if your children have a tendency to run in, grab & go!

Liebherr’s SuperFrost function makes freezing your foods simple and also saves energy. After placing your food/s in the freezer compartment, the SuperFrost function will quickly reduce the temperature to -32 °C , thereby creating the cold air required to preserve those nutrients and vitamins. Once the food is completely frozen, the SuperFrost function automatically detects this and will switch back to normal mode after a maximum of 65 hours – saving electricity and energy.

The freezer drawers have glass shelves underneath them which can be quickly and easily removed to create Liebherr’s VarioSpace – a brilliantly simple idea that gives you huge areas of storage space for larger frozen food items.

The Liebherr CNSL3033 fridge freezer is a great addition to any home, after all who doesn’t want their food fresher, for longer?

You can buy online, use our Click & Collect service to collect from your local store in as little as one hour* or ask your local store about a demonstration.

[This competition has now ended and is no longer open for entries. To find out about our latest competitions, please visit our FacebookTwitter and Instagram pages.]