WIN: Sony High Power Audio System with Bluetooth

Guest blog by Gareth

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The British summer is coming… that time of the year is fast approaching, where having a barbecue every evening because its light past 6pm is commonplace. With the outdoors comes parties, and no party is complete without music, well Sony have you covered with their latest speaker: the GTKXB7!

This monster speaker is 32.6cm wide and 65cm long with a depth of 34cm, making it a formidable size that can clearly pack a punch. The speakers come with two setup options, you can either have it as a classic ‘boom box’ that will rest on your shoulders while you wander up the high street sharing your music with the general public. Either that or if space is an issue you can stand it upright, a sensor will adjust the way the sound is emitted depending on how you stand the speaker.

gtkxb7-1Despite the larger size of the speaker, Sony have thoughtfully included some handles to allow for easy transportation, meaning getting it into the party much easier, or escaping when it’s over!

It’s all about the atmosphere, the GTKXB7 is available in a range of colours, this includes: red, black or blue. This twinned with LED lighting that’s emitted from the speakers will create the perfect summer vibe, making your garden feel like V Festival! The colours range from brilliant white to the whole of the rainbow, powered by the music, the lighting will change and flow along with the rhythm.

Now, we all know the familiar feeling of listening to a song, getting caught up in the whirlwind of a build up, just waiting for the ‘drop’, and when it comes, it’s almost as disappointing as your friend forgetting to stock their cupboards with your favourite BBQ sauce. Fear no longer, this comes with a ‘BASS BOOST’ button, which does exactly what it says on the tin, bigger booms and more vibrations.

gtkxb7-2gtkxb7-3It’s not all about that bass (Sorry Meghan), Sony also have a function called ‘ClearAudio+’, this is unique to Sony systems, this essentially improves clarity and enhances each song to give the best possible experience.

One last improvement on the system is the DSEE (Digital Sound Enhancement Engine). This helps restore the compressed files back to their former glory.

I can hear you ask, okay so it sounds good, but how can I even play my music through it? Well, I’m glad you asked! First and most common option is Bluetooth, or NFC (Near Field Communication) an easy to use, wireless option to get the party started quicker.

gtkxb7-4The Bluetooth is also helpfully boosted by LDAC, this allows 3x the data to be transferred. If going wireless and relying on Bluetooth isn’t your thing then there is always an alternative! The speakers support Audio Input and Output, so you can add a TV, or more to the collection! A useful USB port allows a ‘plug in & play’ function, this allows you to transfer music from your smartphone and various other devices into the speakers to enjoy the music through them!

So get excited for summer, we all know it can be short-lived, don’t hesitate and get the equipment ready, chill the beers, defrost the burgers and get yourself a music system that will blow your friends away. Pick your favourite colour and listen to your favourite music, well worth a buy – view our range of Sony Bluetooth speakers online right now!

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