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TP-Link Deco-M5 Whole Home Wi-Fi, Dual Band Wireless and Ethernet 3 Pack

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TP-Link Deco-M5 Whole Home Wi-Fi, Dual Band Wireless and Ethernet 3 Pack

Product specification
WiFi Adaptors : Yes
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No additional services available for this product.

Product details
Setting up your Deco M5 system is made easy thanks to the 'TP-Link Deco' App found on Android and iOS App Stores, giving you assistance on getting your new system up and running as fast as possible using Step by Step instructions.

TP-Link Deco App
Not only does the App offer quick and easy setup, it also has it's own dashboard, allowing you to oversee your Wi-Fi system, showing all of your Deco M5's and whether any of them are offline, and also a simple way to add more M5's if you need them! There is a built-in speed tester for your connection, giving accurate Download and Upload speeds at the touch of a button and also shows how many devices are connected.

HomeCare Antivirus
Built into the M5's is comprehensive security for your network, with 3-years built-in you will be protected against Viruses and Malware. On top of this you also have extensive Parental Controls, allowing you to individually set Filter Levels for Profiles you can create for each User and set time limits for being active online.

Insights are another feature, showing you what sites each Profile visits and how much time they spend on each, so you can always ensure that your children are remaining safe whilst enjoying the online web.

HomeCare also allows you to set Application Priority, so you can individually set where most of your Internet usage is going, including Gaming, Streaming, Chatting, Surfing and Download and also set Priority to certain connected devices to gain faster connections.

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