WPRO C00375478 Crisp Cake Plate for Fast & Easy Cooking

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WPRO C00375478 Crisp Cake Plate for Fast & Easy Cooking

Product specification
Feature 1 : Crisp Cake Plate
feature 2 : Microwaves with Crisp Function
Feature 3 : 19cm Diameter 5.5cm Height
Feature 4 : Enhances Speed Cooking
Feature 5 : Blue Finish
Accessories : Cooker Accessories
Additional services

No additional services available for this product.

Product details
The crisp cake plate will allow you to bake all of your favourite cakes with this crisp plate. You can use it with all whirlpool microwaves using the crisp function which will ensure crispy results and an optimised cooking performance.

Due to the crisp plates high edges it is perfect for cakes and souffls preparation and is fast and easy to use. With this you can enjoy cooking cakes souffls and other recipes.

Thanks to the design of this crisp plate you will be able to cook a delicious chocolate cake in just 12 minutes. It is also dishwasher safe so you can simply wash it in a dishwasher without any worries.
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