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Sony Playstation 4 VR (Virtual Reality) Headset with Advanced 5.7" OLED Display

Playstation 4 VR (Virtual Reality) Headset with Advanced 5.7" OLED Display
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Sony Playstation 4 VR (Virtual Reality) Headset with Advanced 5.7" OLED Display

RRP £349.99  |  Save £151.09
Product specification
Type : Accessory
For PlayStation 3 : No
For PS Vita : No
For Xbox 360 : No
For PlayStation 4 : Yes
For Xbox One : No
Feature 1 : HDMI & USB Connections
Feature 2 : Cinematic Mode
Feature 3 : Approx 100 degrees Field of View
Feature 4 : 120Hz, 90Hz Refresh Rates
Feature 5 : 5.7" Panel Size
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Product details
Always wanted to experience Virtual Reality straight from your living room? Well thanks to 2016 technology, the Playstation 4 VR-Headset makes it easier than ever, from the moment you slip on PlayStation VR, you'll experience games like never before, at the centre of the action whilst living every single details of a new and extraordinary world. Please note, to use PlayStation VR, you require a PS4 System and a PlayStation Camera.

PlayStations innovative minds have always offered gamers experiences beyond imagination, from 3D gaming to AR (Augmented Reality) gaming, and now VR (Virtual Reality), so you can climb into the game and redefine gaming. Just plug into your PlayStation 4 and play away almost instantly.

Thanks to VR Social Screen, your friends in the room won't be left out, what you see on your headset will be projected onto a TV screen.

The design of the VR Headset itself has been built to be as comfortable as possible and easily slipped on and off, the minimal weight is supported by the adjustable headband that will fit everybody.

So far there is a medium sized array of PS4-Exclusive games, with all them being incredibly immersive:
RIGS Mechanized Combat League
This game offers you the chance to experience an ultimate VR combat arena, controlling mechanized titans to do battle.
Until Dawn: Rush of Blood
Hold on tight and feel the rush with this terrifying roller coaster ride, who needs to go to a theme park? But don't close your eyes and throw your hands up on this roller coaster, as you will have to arm yourself to the teeth and blast your way through the horde of enemies try to eat you alive!
VR Worlds
VR Worlds gives you access to 5 unique experiences, including a London Heist, allowing you to go on a spree of brutal raids across London with your crew. Ocean Descent submerges you into the ocean inside of a suspended Shark Cage, so you can marvel at lush wildlife and super sharp shark teeth. VR Luge with hurtle you downhill at insane speeds along busy roads, your aim is to weave through hazardous junctions and heavy traffic looking to end your luge career! Danger Ball will enter you in a futuristic sporting event where victory is your only goal, hone your skills and destroy your rivals. Finally in Scavengers Odyssey you will take control of an all-terrain alien craft to explore treacherous nebulas in search of ancient artefacts, choose your path carefully as it could result in life or death!
EVE: Valkyrie
Perhaps one of the most impressive looking games for the VR, experience awe-inspiring aerial dogfights on the edge of deep space and annihilate the enemy aircraft in intense 360-degree aerial warfare. Unlocking new abilities and upgrading your stats is the only way to succeed.
Tumble VR
If you're a strategic thinker and love puzzling games, then this is the perfect VR game for you, jump into a new dimension and build a huge tower in the gravity-defying building room, where the balancing blocks take all sorts of different shapes. If the building part isn't your speed, then maybe demolishing towers might be; lay mines in tactical places to blow up towers that increase the blast radius resulting in scoring you more points!
Want epic-scale tank warfare? No problem, Battlezone has it all, jump into the most powerful tank in the galaxy and liberate mankind from the evil and maniacal Rotberg Corporation, mixing arcade shooting styles with tactical challenges whilst navigating retro-futuristic levels with stunning visuals.
Robinson: The Journey
If you ever wanted to jump inside of a Jurassic Park film, then this is as close as you're going to get, crash land on a living and breathing world and keep your senses tuned in order to stay alive on this prehistoric world, offering an emotionally charged storyline and scary encounters with huge apex predators. Age Rating: 16+.
Wayward Sky
Glide through the sky with Wayward Sky, as your quest takes you on a search around a mysterious floating fortress in search for your kidnapped father; take control of Bess, a young co-pilot who must navigate through puzzles and perilous pathways through the crumbling airborne fortress.
After a dreadful performance this season on the pitch, your fellow team members want you gone, but all is not lost, thanks to your forgiving club, they recommend to you the Football Improvement Centre, where you can re-educate yourself and begin intensive training on those world class headers that you was once known for; Don't let your team down again!
The hardest puzzle game around, fly through endless waves of abstract geometry in a warm analog glow of virtual neon; Challenge yourself as you navigate your cluster through a continuous stream of oncoming walls, think fast and keep your cool.

These 10 games release dates are all TBC , content may not be available on release date of PlayStation VR Headset.

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