Announcing a new generation from Samsung: The Frame 2.0

Just one year on since Samsung launched The Frame, they’re celebrating their design- focused, more-than-a-TV television by introducing the next generation.

Say hello to The Frame 2.0.

Picture quality that brings out the best in a work of art or a blockbuster

As with its predecessor, The Frame 2.0 is the most unique TV on the market as the source of “TV when it’s on. Art when it’s not”. So when it’s not being watched as a traditional TV, it enters Art Mode 2.0, providing an inspiring personally selected art display rather than the screen going black as it would on a regular TV. And when it comes to the TV aspect of The Frame, we shouldn’t forget that this is no less than a Samsung Ultra HD 4K Smart TV. This assures viewers of a beautifully bright and true UHD experience from the UK’s most awarded brand for UHD Picture Quality*.

The upgraded Art Mode 2.0 capability provides a better, more engaging user experience, allowing owners of The Frame 2.0 to connect to The Samsung Collection and display a selection of works of art gathered from top museums, galleries and archives around the world.

In addition, the upgrade brings Art Store 2.0, which offers subscription access to even more art including curated selections of new, popular, themed or seasonal artworks, as well as from specific partner galleries, such as The V&A Museum. Owners can also opt to display a sequence of their own self-created or collected photographs or artworks.

As for the visual quality of the displays, all artworks are scanned at 4000K resolution and shown in Ultra High Definition (UHD) – along with a choice of the different mounting options available. Samsung’s brightness sensor makes discerning adjustments to the image, based on the room lighting, so that the artworks appear physical rather than digital.

Anyone viewing an Art Mode 2.0 display will find it look exactly as a printed photograph or a painted canvas would look. The Frame 2.0 is the first display that is using its sensors to adapt to its changing environment with automated brightness. Artwork displays don’t endless power, as the television switches off when it detects that nobody is present.

Appealing to the tidy-minded

The Frame 2.0 is pleasingly neat too. With its unique One Near-Invisible Cable, owners can connect seamlessly with all devices while avoiding a messy tangle of wires.

The bezel is customisable, so owners can choose the ideal colour of frame for their space, taste or the artworks they prefer. Magnets make attaching and detaching different styles very easy.

Discover The Frame 2.0 and enjoy superb UHD picture quality whether you’re watching the latest boxed set, or viewing a world of art or a gallery of favourite memories.

Buy online, use our Click & Collect service for collection in as little as one hour or ask your local Hughes store about a demo – and see for yourself what all the fuss is about!

*Source: Gorkana (most awards received from a set list of TV/AV Tech Media coverage Jan to Dec 2016)