Review: Bissell 3847E Crosswave HF2 Wet & Dry Vacuum

Bissell Crosswave Floor Cleaner

Power up your cleaning with a helping hand from Bissell’s 3847E Crosswave HF2 Wet & Dry Vacuum. This dirt-busting home appliance is guaranteed to transform your home maintenance routine. This appliance effortlessly combines the functionality of both a vacuum cleaner and mop to make cleaning up after your mucky pups a breeze.

With no need to switch heads or press buttons, the Crosswave HF2 uses powerful suction to capture dirt, debris and liquids in one swipe. From crumbs and spills to rogue pet hair, this Bissell all-in-one appliance can handle it all. It even self-cleans! Just click a button and it will clean the brush roll and the inside of the machine so that it’s ready to go.

Bissell have kept your ease-of-use in mind. Featuring a dual tank system so that it separates the clean and dirty solution, it is lightweight and manoeuvrable, weighing just 3.88kg. Using intelligent controls, it allows customisable cleaning by adjusting the solution and cleaning modes to suit the task at hand.

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