Review: BBAIF22300X Beko AeroPerfect Built-In Electric Oven

Beko BBAIF22300X Built-In Oven Review

Make your house a home with the crucial addition of a Beko BBAIF22300X Integrated Electric Fan Oven to your kitchen! Whip up your favourite comfort foods as the weather gets colder and craft delectable delights for the whole family with Beko’s ingenious AeroPerfect technology. We are convinced that there is nothing more welcoming when you walk through the door than the smell of dinner already on the go!

This 60cm, built-in oven uses a constant stream of air to minimise temperature variation and provide fast, even cooking. This aim is also assisted by the True Fan Cooking feature available in most Beko ovens. They do this by positioning the heating elements around the fan to ensure uniform results at every level. It even has a programmable timer which can be set to switch off your oven as soon as your food is ready. With an impressive 71L capacity, this oven not only cooks food evenly on every shelf, but also includes a handy grill to make it a great all-rounder kitchen appliance.

Say goodbye to arduous cleaning with a greaseproof enamel coating and the SimplySteam function. Simply pour water into the bottom of the oven, set it to steam and let the appliance do the hard work for you! As the water evaporates, it will soak into the burnt-on food and grease to soften it and make cleaning a scrub-free process with no chemicals in sight.

Beko are actively working to try and create a healthier future and this can be seen in the RecycledNet aspect of the design. Beko have used recycled fishing nets and industrial thread waste to create thermally resistant materials which not only play a crucial role in the composition of the oven but also helps to ensure that it is kinder to the environment besides its amazing ‘A’ energy rating.

This appliance is a great addition to any kitchen with a design that does all the hard work for you. Using AeroPerfect technology, it ensures that every dish is cooked to perfection with even cooking no matter which shelf you decide to use. Find out more about the Beko BBAIF22300X Integrated Electric Oven here or visit your nearest store for a chat with one of our team of experts.

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