Fight the Chill with Smart Heating

Smart Home with Hughes Smart

Heating is a vital necessity in almost all homes now, but how ‘smart’ is your heating?  Sure, you may have a smart meter, but that’s just telling you what’s being used, not always how to resolve it. It also still needs you to make moves to change it. So what makes our heating systems so intelligent? The key is that they adapt and learn. They no longer work just independently and instead interact with windows, doors, lights and anything else connected in the house. This ensures that your home is always working as efficiently as possible. 

The best example of how a smart system can make a difference is by zoning the heating in your house.  After all, there’s no need to heat rooms that are rarely used (like the spare room) until they are actually needed. It might be a bit chilly in the living room but that doesn’t mean you want the whole house to be 23 degrees does it!  By zoning your home with a true smart heating system, you can have each room set to its own temperature ideals. For example, you can have the living room nice and toasty, the bedroom at a comfortable temperature, and the spare room set to ensure it doesn’t freeze over. Even better, it will learn from you over time what the best settings are for your household and when! If it knows you come home at 6pm every day and it takes 35 minutes to get the room to temperature, it wont wait till you notify it or for 6pm when you get home, it will start heating up at 5.25pm so that it’s just right when you walk in. 

Its intelligence doesn’t stop there! Smart heating also knows what the sun is doing that day so that it can control the temperature in the room and prevent it from being too hot. It also reacts using the windows and blinds to keep the room at the right temperature. If a room gets too hot you can choose from several options: it can either alert you, automatically change the temperature, or work with a smart lighting system to flash and let you know.  Like smart lighting, a smart heating system gives you greater control over your surroundings.  Whether you want to personally control all of the fine details or you want to leave it to do the thinking for you, it is guaranteed to save you money in the long run.

If you want to take back control of your heating, and are worried about the complexity of how this works, then why not just get in touch with your local experts and visit Hughes Smart‘s new, stylish website.