Review: Haden 197207 Richmond Glass Kettle

Haden Richmond Kettle

We all know that the Summer is when we feel the healthiest, with plenty of sunshine, it’s the perfect mood lift and helps us focus on our physical and mental health. Sleek and sophisticated, the Haden 197207 Richmond Kettle is perfect for your summer health kick and, with temperature pre-sets to ensure you get the most out of your drink of choice, it is guaranteed to help you sit back and relax!

Replace those sugary drinks and alcoholic beverages with whatever brew you fancy thanks to this great prize. Whether you prefer green tea or matcha, this kettle will not disappoint with a 1.7L capacity to suit the whole family. Not just a generic Kettle, this amazing offering from Haden provides variable temperature controls on its base with options for 70, 80, 90 or 100 degrees Celsius. These are chosen by pressing the relevant button and are clearly labelled for ease of use.

Another notable feature for any busy household is the incredibly useful keep warm function. Perfect for when you are busy doing small tasks, this feature keeps the water warm until you’re ready to sit down with your favourite drink and finally relax. 

Haden have also kept yours and your family’s safety in mind when it comes to the design of the Richmond Kettle. This appliance has built-in boil dry protection and an automatic shut off for added peace of mind. This, coupled with the blue illumination so that you can see when it’s on with just a quick glance, takes every precaution possible to ensure that potential dangers to your family are at an absolute minimum. 

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