Review: Hoover H-Wash 700 H7W69MBC Washing Machine

Hoover H-Wash 700 Washing Machine Review

Keep your wardrobe in the very best condition using the care of a Hoover H7W69MBC H-WASH 700 Washing Machine with built-in WiFi and Bluetooth technology. These added features take the humble washing machine to a new age where the laundry can fit into your busy schedule and not dominate your day.

Providing premium care to your favourite items, this washer uses Active Steam technology to help budge stubborn stains and sanitise while it goes. The Steam Care Pro Cycle uses a steady flow of steam inside the drum to remove odours and soften up fibres. Short on time? The H7W69MBC also features All-in-One technology to enable you to wash different fabrics and colours without the fear of accidental damage.

The Hoover H7W69MBC Washing Machine is the ideal addition to every home with a 9kg Ultra Wide Care Drum suitable for the majority of households and a 1600rpm spin speed. This 525mm diameter drum promises that you always get the very best performance with the wider size providing more space for clothes to move. This, combined with the gentle “pillow” drum surface, protects garments by reducing friction and creases while making the most of the detergent action.

Take the guesswork out of the weekly wash thanks to Hoover’s innovative Eco Doser. Preventing waste, this great feature suggests the optimal amount of detergent needed by evaluating the load weight. This can be set to measure for powder, regular or concentrated liquid depending on what you prefer. This tailored approach to laundry day continues with the Auto Care program using an advanced algorithm to calculate and choose the best settings including detergent, water and time. These settings not only reduce the chance of accidental damage but also gives its energy efficiency a boost. In fact, this washer has an amazing B-rated spin efficiency and an A-rated energy efficiency class to help keep bills low and energy consumption at a minimum.

Measuring at H: 850mm x W: 600mm x D: 530mm, the Hoover H7W69MBC Washing Machine fits into most kitchens and offers reliability as well as high quality care. The sleek design mirrors its smart capabilities, offering the user ultimate control and monitoring of each wash from a smartphone or tablet. Whether you want to pause, stop or start the cycle, the controls are at your fingertips using the hOn app. Adjust the settings and receive updates while on the go to have your washing fresh and ready to be unloaded as soon as you get home.

This Hoover H-Wash 700 H7W69MBC Washing Machine is truly an amazing piece of tech that has thought of everything you may need in a laundry appliance. From minimising damage and removing stress to tailoring the wash for energy efficiency, this washer is packed full of features to make your life easier. View this product on our website here or visit your local Hughes store for the full product specifications.

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