Review: Hotpoint HIC3C33CWEUK Built-In Dishwasher

Hotpoint Built-In Dishwasher

Keep your dishes sparkling with the HIC3C33CWEUK Built-In Dishwasher and bring extra ease into your life! With 14-place settings and a flexible storage system, this dishwasher is perfect for any home and offers room to spare.

Featuring an innovative inverter motor, this dishwasher can calibrate the water pressure to your wash cycle. It also has the ability to adjust the spin speed with magnets allowing a more precise cleaning process and a custom treatment tailored to your wash load.

The Hotpoint HIC3C33CWEUK also includes 3D Zone Wash which combines the variable speed inverter generator with the water jets from both the upper and lower spray arms. This ensures that it always uses the right amount of water for each wash cycle, with the user able to prioritise having 40% more cleaning power for baked-on foods or 40% more energy efficiency for smaller loads, depending on their needs. This will make the D-class energy rating even greener.

Offering seven programmes to choose from, including a 30-minute express wash cycle, the 3-stage water filtration system ensures maximum hygiene to help keep bacteria at bay. Still worried? The sanitising program will give you a heightened cleaning regime time after time. To keep these programmes running how they should, Hotpoint have made the general maintenance of this appliance as easy as possible with both a salt and rinse aid refill indicator giving you a much-needed reminder for when it’s time for a top up.

It’s safe to say that the Hotpoint HIC3C33CWEUK Built-In Dishwasher is the best friend for any busy family. Keeping hygiene and wash power at its forefront, this appliance has been designed with families in mind. From its flexible layout to diverse programme ranges, there’s lots to explore! To find out more, make sure to check our website or visit your local Hughes store.

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