Hughes Smart: Which Remote to Use?

How often have you accused others in your house of losing the remote you need, when all along its been down the side of the sofa?  Then, of course, you need to work out which remote you actually need! Multiple remotes are a constant irritation for most people and with so many devices nowadays – it isn’t going away anytime soon. With TV features like voice and app control, remotes are no longer needed all of the time but is having multiple apps really user friendly? The big question on all of our lips: is there a way of getting all the benefits of the humble remote control in a smarter way?

Single room control is a simple solution that can take away the clutter but still give you the functionality that you need from a simple remote.  Long gone are the days that an “all in one” remote control cost you thousands and needed a degree to set up.  Now, from as little as £180, you can have a fully-fledged smart remote control that gives you all the features you need. It is a good looking, easy to use remote control that will be able to take the place of all your existing remotes and devices to save on clutter and save you time finding the right remote or app. Of course, being part of a smart home system, these remotes can even be programmed to control your lights, your blinds and many other smart home devices in your household. 

At Hughes, we can work with you to help control your smart home dilemmas. Be it a simple remote for your living room spending under £400 that looks and feels exclusive and far more expensive or for a whole house of smart controls for a slightly larger budget. The best thing about smart control solutions is that they can be adapted to suit each individuals usage. They are not just a mass produced little box from a TV manufacturer that is “one size fits all”. 

So, why keep complaining about remotes, when an effective, clean and easy to use alternative is available from your local smart home specialists.