Hughes Smart: Hiding the TV

Hughes Smart mirror TV installation

How can I make my TV look neater? This is a question we always get asked at Hughes Smart.  It could be that the cables are just a mess, as no one like cables, and so we can normally help by tidying them away or supplying accessories to use less components.  But what if the issue is with the actual TV itself?  What if you don’t actually want to see the TV?  What do you do then? Well, thankfully, there are plenty of options for people who like to watch TV, but also prefer their room’s aesthetic without a blank screen taking up some much needed space.

First, it could be that you need to look at the TV you are purchasing or renting.  Samsung now make a range of TVs that are designed with interior decor in mind.  They have ‘The Frame’ which is a 4K Smart TV in its own right but also has the ability to display artwork.  To coincide with this feature, Samsung includes a huge library of high quality artwork that can be shown on screen. You can also upload your own memories to the TV so that your favourite family holiday snaps can be shown instead for a more personal touch. 

This year, Samsung have taken it a stage further with the new QLED’s including ‘Ambient Mode’.  This enables the TV to not only be a high quality 4K smart TV, but also mimic the décor in the room so that it almost disappears.  It also allows you to show images similar to the ‘Frame’ TV.  In addition to the simple nature of the screen technology, this range also does it all by using just one cable.  The “near invisible” cable carries all picture, sound and power to your TV, allowing you to hide the “mess” much easier and put the unsightly boxes away forever.

Samsung Frame TV

But what if you want something a little bit different?  Or maybe you don’t want to change your TV?  What can you do?  There are brands of TV out there that are designed around looking like a mirror for starters!  Aquavision are a TV manufacturer who started making TVs for kitchens and bathrooms.  They make waterproof TVs that can be mounted in with the tiles of the shower, behind a mirror above the sinks or even TVs that fit on your kitchen cupboards.  They do them all. Recently, they have expanded this range to include mirror TVs. That bare wall can now hold the TV and also help change the way your room feels by being a high quality mirror as well.  Wherever the room, whatever the situation, Aquavision have a solution that works.

Another possibility for our smart home customers is to “frame” their existing TVs. Hughes has partnered with ‘Frame Your TV’ to offer custom solutions that enable you to turn any TV into a mirror or a piece of artwork. They have hundreds of options to choose from, whether you want a regency style mirror to surround your TV or a modern contemporary style frame, it really is up to you. With a huge number of products to solve any problem, our guys in the Hughes Smart team are on hand to come and talk you through your home set up. Why not call in one of our specialists at and let us show you all of the possibilities and help you create your perfect smart room.