Introducing the Samsung QLED 2019 range

Samsung QLED 2019 promo

 You’ve never seen anything like this before. It’s time to stop watching TV and start experiencing QLED with the arrival of Samsung’s latest range. Their new 8K QLED marks a new era in picture perfection and new 4K QLED offers more depth, detail and the colours of real life. 

To celebrate the launch, we’re offering complimentary delivery and installation with all pre-orders. So not only will you get the new and improved Samsung QLED range before anyone else, we’ll make sure it’s set-up exactly how you want it. 

The 2019 range takes QLED to new levels. The pixel contrast has been perfected so you can get lost in the picture without noticing the pixels. Relax as the Quantum Processor in both 8K and 4K adapts to give you the optimum picture and, with some models, targeted sound. And thanks to AI upscaling everything you watch is in glorious 8K – even it’s not filmed in 8K. The same goes for the stunning 4K picture. 

No matter what’s happening outside of the screen you can expect exceptional viewing with Direct Full Array. It’s all down to the no light reflectivity and pin-sharp contrast across the whole picture – even direct sunlight won’t take you out of the show you’re watching. 

And you’ll always have a show to get lost in. The AI-powered intelligent assistant has been improved to make personalised suggestions of what to watch next based on your viewing habits. 

There’s also 100% Colour Volume which gives you genuine cinematic colour made up of over a billion shades, so every scene in every film you watch will look just as the director intended. 

Even before the new Samsung QLED TVs have launched the range has already started to pick up accolades. Tech Radar has given the Q90R a Best in Class award, describing it as “an absolutely stellar TV that takes QLED to another level”. 

If you’re ready to experience the highly anticipated 2019 QLED TV range for yourself make sure you pre-order now and get free delivery and free installation. 

*Pre-order before 27th March. Only available on Q80R, Q85R, Q90R and Q950R TV models.