Introducing the Sonos PLAYBASE

Guest blog by Ria.

You won’t usually find us wishing time away but the Hughes team is hoping the 4th April rolls around quickly. The reason? From the 4th April this year, we will be showcasing the amazing new Sonos PLAYBASE.

With around 70% of us placing our TVs on a stand or unit, soundbars just aren’t used to their best effect. Typical soundbars work best when mounted directly below a wall-mounted TV. The truth is that most of us place our TVs on stands and existing furniture —and that’s exactly what Sonos have created the PLAYBASE for. Sonos believes that what’s on your TV is only as good as what your TV is on so they have painstakingly created the perfect solution with the new PLAYBASE. The simple curvaceous and stylish design practically vanishes beneath your TV, yet delivers flawless front and centre sound. If you already have Sonos kit then you can simply add a Sub and two PLAY:1 rear speakers for an amazing cinema-quality wireless 5.1 surround sound.

The PLAYBASE is the thinnest and coolest speaker that Sonos have ever launched and it’s the ideal solution to replace the typically tinny audio produced by the built-in speakers on modern flat-screen TVs. It has been built to withstand up to 35kg – that’s enough to hold a 60” screen – so you place your PLAYBASE under your TV and get ready to enjoy epic home cinema audio!

As we’ve come to expect from Sonos, it’s not just a soundbase. It’s two-in-one. You’ll enjoy full-cinema sound for your TV – no matter what you’re watching – and when you’re not watching? Then the PLAYBASE can stream music, too. As a standalone or as part of your multiroom Sonos set-up, the PLAYBASE continues to do what Sonos does best: playing everything you want to listen to, just as the original artist intended. Choose from Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer and other popular streaming services, select on-demand services, free internet radio, your favourite audiobooks & podcasts or rely on your own favourite collection of downloads. Whatever you want to listen to, your PLAYBASE plays it all and you can stream your audio, wirelessly, around your home by simply adding speakers from the existing Sonos range.

Everything will sound better on the new PLAYBASE. From movies to sports, TV boxsets, games consoles, Freeview, Blu-rays – if it’s connected then you’ll enjoy amazing, pulse-quickening sound to whatever’s playing on your TV. It will stream your favourite music when your TV is turned off.

The PLAYBASE features include ten amplified internal drivers (6 x mid-range, 3 x tweeters and 1 woofer) that work together beautifully to deliver deeper booms, crystal-clear dialogue and great waves of sound.

It’s a simple two-cord setup: one power lead and one to your TV. Oh, and forget about reading a manual; use the free Sonos up and you’ll be guided through set-up in no time.

The Sonos PLAYBASE is perfect for TVs on stands and furniture, turning your living room into a cinema, transforming how you use your TV.

If you think the Sonos PLAYBASE is for you… then place your order online today!