Introducing the Sonos Ray Soundbar – Compact, Affordable and Packed Full of Features

Sonos Ray Soundbar

The latest entry in the Sonos line-up, the Sonos Ray is an affordable, all-in-one soundbar that lives up to the brand’s legendary reputation. Combining premium results with a sleek, minimalistic design, this soundbar blends seamlessly with any home décor and bringing sophisticated audio to your entertainment set up.

Promising richer, well-balanced audio, the Sonos Ray Soundbar is truly one of a kind at its current price point. Featuring four class-D, front-facing drivers, it can be positioned almost anywhere, with the sound projection not impeded by the walls/obstructions of a TV cabinet. Compact and measuring at 71 x 559 x 95 mm (HxWxD), Sonos have favoured low-velocity bass reflex ports rather than built-in subwoofers, these provide a deep bass without distortion while two tweeters create a crisp high-frequency response.

Unlike its predecessors, the Sonos Ray doesn’t have a built-in microphone for voice control, however a notable app-supported feature is the inclusion of Trueplay. This calibration software uses the Sonos S2 app on supported smart devices to measure the acoustics of the room and alter the output accordingly to suit your surroundings. The app also enables you to access and adjust the two-band EQ. This is a speech enhancement mode which ensures crystal clear dialogue so that you never miss a moment, while the night mode assists with the dynamic range so that you can listen at quieter volumes without compromising on dramatic effects.

Of course, it shouldn’t be forgotten that Sonos is the king of interoperability. Together with other Sonos products, you can enjoy multi-room streaming for a truly immersive experience. By adding more devices, you can build an extensive network of smart speakers for a whole host of entertainment possibilities. You can even listen to your favourite podcasts, audiobooks, music and radio stations while the TV is off using apps such as Sonos’ S2, Apple AirPlay 2 and Spotify Connect (among many more) and a smart device.

With a minimalist design that is standard of the range, the Sonos Ray includes three touch-control buttons on the top of the device. The compact design is similar to the popular Sonos Beam and can be effortlessly unboxed and set up in minutes. It also features infrared technology to allow you to control the sound from your existing TV remote and streamline the process.

It’s safe to say that we can’t wait to get our hands on these amazing Sonos Ray Soundbars and we are sure they will be just as popular as the rest of the range. Available to order now! Find out more by visiting our website here.