Recipe: Beef Wellington

Recipe provided by Neff.


1 fillet of beef (middle cut) – 1kg approx

English mustard to brush beef

5/6 slices of Parma or Serrano ham

700g of chestnut mushrooms

Handful of chestnuts

2 garlic cloves

Rolled puff pastry

Egg yolk for brushing


Sea salt




1. In a hot pan sear fillet of beef on all sides, then rest. While resting, brush with English mustard. This will soak into the meat to give a little heat.

2. Blitz chestnut mushrooms, garlic and chestnuts to fine. Fry in a dry pan until all the moisture has evaporated.

3. Lay a sheet of cling film on a chopping board. Cover with the Parma ham so it overlaps. Spread mushroom/chestnut mixture over ham, then lay beef towards the top.

4. Carefully roll the cling film over to make a tight cylinder around the beef, removing film as you roll. Pinch the edges and roll into a neat, tight log shape. Place in the fridge for 15 mins to firm up.

5. Lay cling film on chopping board again and cover with puff pastry. Repeat rolling process with ham rolled fillet. Roll tight and then chill again.

6. Preheat oven to 180°C. Brush chilled Wellington with egg yolk, season with sea salt and bake for 30/35 mins until golden brown.

7. Serve with horseradish mash and a red wine sauce.