Recipe: Thai Style Sea Bass with Coconut Rice using Kenwood Cooking Chef

Sea Bass Recipe using Kenwood Cooking Chef Stand Mixer.

Recipe provided by Kenwood for use with the Kenwood Cooking Chef Stand Mixer.

Serves:                                        2 people

Total Time:                                25 minutes


For the rice:

150g                          basmati rice                             
400g                          coconut milk                           
100g                          water                                          

For the seabass:

2                                  sea bass  fillets                        
5cm piece                ginger                                         
2                                  garlic cloves                             
1                                  spring onion, finely sliced   
1                                  chilli, finely sliced                                    
2 tbsp                        coriander leaves, chopped                  
1                                  lime zest and juice                                                    
2 tsp                          soy sauce                                  
2 tsp                          sesame oil                                


1.To prepare, cut a sheet of baking paper to a rectangle (approx. 37x 30cm).

2. Roughly grate the ginger and garlic cloves to make a puree.

3. Lift the Cooking Chef head and fit heat guard.

4. On the baking paper, place the seabass fillets next to each other, skin side down. Spread the pureed garlic and ginger evenly over the flesh of the fillets.

5. Scatter with the chillies, spring onions, coriander leaves and then drizzle the soy sauce, sesame oil and lime juice and zest on top.

6. Gently fold the long edges of the baking paper up over the fish and then fold the short edges to seal the parcel.

7. Place the parcel onto the steamer tray and leave to the side.

8. Attach the Cooking Chef bowl to the machine and add the rice, coconut milk and water.

9. Place the steamer tray into the bowl and then attach the splash guard.

10. Adjust the heat to 110°C for 20 minutes until the fish is cooked through.

11. Carefully remove the steamer tray and unwrap the fish.

12. Lightly fluff up the coconut rice with a fork.

13. To finish, garnish with extra coriander leaves, chillies and spring onions

Serve immediately.