Recipe: Tropical Panna Cotta using Kenwood Cooking Chef

Tropical Panna Cotta Recipe using Kenwood Cooking Chef

Recipe provided by Kenwood for use with the Cooking Chef Stand Mixer.

Makes:                                         4

Total Time:                                  10 minutes (+refrigeration time)


300ml                         Cream                                         
100ml                         Buttermilk                                   
70g                             Sugar                                          
1 tsp                           Vanilla                                         
70ml                           Passionfruit coulis                    
1.5 leaves                  Gelatine                                      
2                                  Lime zest and juice


1.To prepare, lightly oil each ramekin if you want to be able to turn out the panna cotta when serving.

2. Lift the Cooking Chef head and fit the heat guard.

3. Attach the Cooking Chef bowl to the machine and fit the creaming beater tool.

4. Add the cream, buttermilk, sugar and vanilla into the bowl.

5. Set the heat to 104°C for 2 minutes until boiling and then turn off the heat.

6. Add the gelatine, passionfruit coulis and the lime juice.

7. Stir on continuous for 3 minutes and then leave to cool.

8. Pour the mixture into the prepared ramekins and leave to set in the fridge for 4 hours.

9. Once set, place the panna cottas on plates and gently remove from the ramekins. Alternatively, you can serve the panna cottas in the ramekins.

10. Serve with sliced fruits and top with extra coulis and lime zest, if desired.