Review: ASUS FX505DY 15.6″ Gaming Laptop

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Guest blog by Gareth,

For gamers, there is no piece of kit more important than the laptop they use. Gone are the days where a full, bulky computer set up was needed for the ultimate gaming experience and, instead, a good quality gaming laptop such as the ASUS FX505DY is more than suitable… and portable to boot.

So, what makes this a ‘gaming’ laptop compared to its more generic competition? This laptop has a nana edge display on its screen; this means that it has a smaller border, allowing for maximum visuals. This will help you get more immersed in the game. It also allows for a wider viewing angle, meaning you will never miss a moment.

Built to last, the ASUS FX505DY itself has military-grade resilience against shock & vibration, temperature (hot & cold), humidity in the room and altitude. It also has anti-dust components to keep your laptop working at 100% efficiency 24/7. The pre-installed program called ‘Armoury Crate’ allows you to change the cooling mode of your fans from silent to balanced in addition to letting you monitor your laptops overall usage, such as RAM, CPU load and temperature.

ASUS FX505DY nanoedge info

The laptop comes packed with 1TB of hard drive storage – giving you more than enough space to save your games and any DLC to accompany them. It has 8GB of RAM, which again helps to improve performance and energy efficiency.

These features work seamlessly alongside an AMD Ryzen processor. Unique to this new range of laptops, it gives you 2.1GHz of base speed and allows you to go up to 3.7GHz when overclocked. This means that it will be able to play games on the highest graphics quality without any loss of frames (Fps).

The gaming graphics remain flawless with a dedicated AMD Radeon RX 560X that saves 4GB of memory just for the graphics card! This ensures that it doesn’t take from the 8GB of RAM on your laptop – meaning it can handle multiple applications and take the stress of those high quality games.


Overall, the ASUS-FX505DY is a great laptop. It allows you to push the processor and graphics card to high quality whilst still maintaining fast processing speeds. It has smooth visuals and an elegant keyboard layout guaranteeing that every use of this laptop will be an awesome experience. For the less experienced laptop user, set up is quick and effortless with the help of Window 10’s voice assistant ‘Cortana’ guiding you through the initial set up.

Pop into your nearest Hughes store to get a hands on feel with the laptop today!