Review: BCS712GB Bosch Unlimited 7 ProHome Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Bosch Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Guest blog by James from Hughes Hall Road Norwich,

The new Bosch BCS712GB cordless vacuum cleaner is perfect for most households with a versatile and lightweight design that aims to please. Built in Germany, it has the highest level of quality and engineering excellence you would expect from a German appliance. Feeling robust, hard-wearing, and weighing just 2.9kg, it is easy to cart around the home.

When you open the box upon purchase, you will find all of the contents neatly laid out ready for a super quick, click-fit assembly. Alongside the body components, you will also find the power brush (which is the main cleaning head) provided and additional attachments to tackle a wide range of messes. This includes a crevice tool, a curtain brush and a flex tool. You can also expect to see a power supply adaptor, the rechargeable batteries, and a holder for the previously mentioned attachments.

The vacuum comes in three main pieces; the motor assembly and vacuum chamber sit right on top of the extension tube. The motor holds the cleaning bin in place, which you can easily pop off by using the big silver release button should you wish to empty the chamber or clean the filter. This means that the cleaner carries its weight at the top (unlike the athlete range from Bosch where the weight is at the base). There are pros and cons to having the weight at the top of the appliance as it makes battery changeovers easy and the slender down tube easier to get into awkward spots. The downside is that the vacuum won’t stand upright by itself if you want to pause your cleaning duties, however Bosch have fitted a very functional quick stand clip at the back of the main tube so that you can easily hook it onto a worktop or desk without the danger of the machine falling over.

With a simple, straightforward design, this appliance is easy to use for all age groups. The on/off switch easily flicks between its three speeds and settings. Just choose between the Eco, Turbo and Auto programmes. It’s worth noting that the battery has a maximum run time of around 40 minutes and will recharge in as little as one hour’s time. Bosch helpfully supply two batteries with this model so that running out of power should never be an issue. The batteries are the same 18v 3.0ah as the rest of Bosch’s rechargeable range so that you can easily run other compatible Bosch products using these battery packs.

Breeze through the whole home in record time with the Bosch BCS712GB cordless vacuum cleaner providing all of the features you need for an effortless and effective deep clean. One of these notable design aspects is the inclusion of LED lighting on the front of the hoover head. This ensures that you never miss a spot and illuminates dimly lit areas such as under tables and chairs. Another feature is the detachable down tube which guarantees to help tackle smaller areas where the bigger vacuum cleaner may be too bulky to reach. Quickly turning the vacuum into a handheld device, it’s great for tackling stairways and car interiors.

Overall, the Bosch BCS712GB cordless vacuum cleaner is a real delight to use and does its job superbly… no matter the mess! Light enough for everyone to use, it is packed full of features to make cleaning as effortless as possible using various attachments and settings. If you would like to find out more, please visit our website here or contact your local store for a helpful chat with our team of tech experts.