Review: Bosch BCS111GB Unlimited Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Guest blog by Matthew,

The BCS111GB is Bosch’s latest answer to Dyson and Shark’s cordless fleet of vacuum cleaners. It is wall mountable, has a detachable battery and, what it lacks in power over the other two brands, it makes up for in terms of it’s lightweight body – this is the first thing that our customers notice. Removing the appliance from the wall mount, chances are their first comment is how light the vacuum is compared to its competitors.

The Bosch BCS111GB has one head that works on all floor types and, to the relief of many cordless vacuum users, the batteries will last up to 60 minutes on one charge. These batteries are also interchangeable with other Bosch Home and Garden 18v products, which means there is now no excuse not to clean up straight after performing the DIY.

handheld Bosch BCS111GB

Mechanically, the ‘DigitalSpin Motor’ has aerodynamic blades that Bosch claim rotate faster than a Formula 1 motor engine. The lifespan of which is what gives this line of vacuum cleaners its ‘unlimited’ moniker. Their German efficiency extends to personal wellbeing too in that the Bosch Unlimited series boasts arguably the best filtering system on the market. All brands will mention their hepa-filters to prevent allergies, but Bosch goes one step further, including a ‘Pure Air membrane’ along with the hygienic filter so that the air exhausted from the appliance is purified as well as allergen free.

In terms of design, the BCS111GB along with its twin (the BCS122GB) are the most user friendly of any of Bosch’s cordless cleaners. Whereas the Athlet models have more tools, the unlimited series doesn’t require an over the shoulder strap with which to attach a hose meaning that there is no need to detach the head and handle to make it portable. This makes it ideal for those quick, spontaneous jobs and yet equally usable for the intricate car interior spring clean. The Unlimited series battery packs are charged externally on a separate dock so that you can charge one whilst another is in use and the 0.4 litre dust bin will empty with just the press of a button.

Come into your local Hughes store and ask your advisor to let you have a try.