Review: Bose Home Speaker 500

Guest blog by Nadia,

Bose have a vast history of generating high quality speakers and the company isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. The Bose Home Speaker 500 is a perfect example of their innovative technology at an affordable price of £379. Cheaper than many of its rivals, it uses the latest in technological advancements to evolve from a humble speaker to a smart speaker for your audio files.

The Home Speaker 500 is very impressive in design. It has a seamless shape that has an anodized aluminum casing. If you decide to opt for the silver version, this would beautifully reflect the light in the room it sits, however if you opt for the glossy black model, it is just as elegant and a little more subdued. Located in the front of the speaker is a colour screen, which displays the song artwork, playlist info and the time. It also has auto-dimming technology, so if you are using it in a low-lit area you can rest easy in the knowledge that you won’t be blinded.

Although the Home Speaker 500 can be controlled via voice control, due to the integrated Amazon Alexa app, it also includes basic buttons for functionality situated on the top along with six preset buttons that can be programmed for your favourite stations, albums or tracks. To store your presets, you can simple use the Bose app. This enables you to browse all of your music collection and lets you easily jump through stations and services. Also, multiple users use this handy feature to personalize their own content.

Home Speaker 500 Kitchen Lifestyle image.

A big selling point when it comes to the Home Speaker 500 is how the company utilizes the eight built in microphone. It allows the speaker to pick up the commands when music is playing loudly, and when our voices are a distance away, leaving you to control the speaker comfortably from one side of the room to the other.

Now, let’s talk audio. The Home Speaker 500 has a really impressive sound quality and this is partly due to having two custom drivers which point left to right. This allows the speaker to have a true separation without needing a second speaker. As the drivers point in different directions, this helps the sound bounce off of the walls giving the soundstage a much wider feel. As the sound quality feels impressively wide, this helps fill the entire room with your favourite songs with a remarkable power considering its small, portable size.

Overall, this speaker may be small but it is packed with smart features. Effortless navigation and powerful audio possibilities makes this gadget a great introduction to smart technology. It’s sleek design makes it a great party starter for every occasion. Take a look on the product page (linked above) or visit us in-store for expert advice on all of your electrical needs.