Review: Panasonic TX55FZ802B OLED 4K Ultra HD Smart TV

Today, I will be writing a blog on the Panasonic TX55FZ802B. This TV is part of Panasonic’s flagship range of OLED screens this year. Boasting an array of features and top picture quality, this years’ Panasonic OLED packs a punch. Whether it’s a great picture for films or wanting to catch up on missed TV programs, the TX55FZ802B has it all.

Starting off with smart capabilities, the Panasonic TX55FZ802B has the usual suspects when it comes to smart apps YouTube, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video but also includes Freeview Play. Simply put, it’s live TV and on demand, all in one device.

If you subscribe to Netflix top package or Amazon Prime you will be able to view these in Ultra High Definition (UHD) providing you have a good internet connection. This is easily achieved via the addition of a TP-Link Wifi Extender. Another great feature with this TV is that if you want to record but don’t have a recorder, you can plug in a USB hard drive into the TV as an alternative to watch your recordings straight on the TV. It also includes unique thumbnail pictures for each programme on the Quick Look Guide for a more simplistic way to find your programmes.

Another great feature of this model is that most brands give a 12-month warranty for electronic devices but Panasonic has such confidence in the TX55FZ802B that they have given it a five year warranty as part of a new promotion. This proves Panasonic has confidence in its build quality and also gives you peace of mind for the next five years.

Now, moving on to picture quality. You will normally find that the picture can be very bright and sharp but the image can sometimes look a little artificial with normal LED TVs however, this is corrected with an OLED screen. The picture quality is amazing and it shows a natural image with immense detail, making what you view on the TV look like what you would see with the naked eye.

Although 4K pictures can be very demanding on some television screens, Panasonic have combatted this on the OLED by making sure that the processor is powerful, creating the best brightness levels which show deep levels of black on the screen effortlessly and bring colour to life. Panasonic have even had this TV calibrated by top Hollywood film-makers, making sure that the image you see is how the film-maker originally intended films to be viewed. Having undergone 400 independent THX lab tests within 30 different categories, the TX55FZ802B has come out a winner, being awarded the THX 4k Display certification. So you’ll always be able to watch content exactly how film producers intended.

With HDR being the standard now that TV manufacturers want to put into their television sets, the Panasonic TX55FZ802B now supports multiple HDR formats such as HDR10 and hybrid log gamma. The TX55FZ802B also offers a dynamic scene optimiser, which improves HDR images according to the content and auto brightness enhancer. Adjusting the picture in response to the ambient lights in your viewing environment. Another feature is the additional game and sports mode. Appealing to avid gamers, the TV promises the best possible picture during gaming adventures by turning off all of the processing powers to give you more of a direct response from the set. With sport mode, it combines vivid hues with a surround effect for real life football and other sports.

With every TV manufacturer wanting their TV to be one of the best, all TV’s that are ultra-high definition can only receive a certified independent award if their television meets detailed stringent requirements. Panasonic’s OLED has earned the Ultra HD Premium Certified award and it’s clear to see why. The UHD premium certification is only given to products that have passed the performance criteria related to resolution, dynamic range and colour spectrum.

In summary, Panasonic’s TX55FZ802B perhaps isn’t going to be for people who just want to watch half an hour of soaps in the evenings, although it would perhaps enhance the experience! This TV is ideal for those who like their screen time, whether that’s through gaming, binging box-sets, watching movies or cheering on your favourite sports team. Ranging from colour variety to brightness and contrast, this OLED TV creates some of the best images I have experienced.

Why not see the TX55FZ802B in action at your local Hughes store. You can also buy online or use our click and collect service to pick up your new TV in just one hours time.