Review: Pure Evoke H2 Compact DAB/FM Radio

Guest blog by Vicki.

I recently purchased this very stylish portable DAB radio, after researching what suited both my home and all my listening needs. This radio really stood out to me as it has a very contemporary look that fitted in perfectly with my home styling. It has a very elegant look compared to most radios I have seen; the curved edges effectively “soften” its appearance, therefore allowing it to blend in superbly, ensuring it is not an eyesore in any room. I very much agree with the statement on the box ‘compact size ideal for bedroom or kitchen.’

You have a choice of two finishes, both sporting a wood look casing; the available colours are oak and walnut. Personally I have opted for the oak finish as this fitted in well with my existing home decor but both looked so nice and well-made that I admit to a little “umming” and “ahhing”.

I am extremely impressed with the amount of pre-sets that you have. Expecting perhaps 5 or 6, I was pleased to find that the radio comes with 20; this has allowed me to set up various genres of radio channels. This is brilliant as I can have easy listening on for example on a relaxing morning at home and can quickly change to a different station for when friends are round. The radio has a 3.5mm aux connection as well, I have already used this frequently as I am able to connect any smartphone or mp3 player (any device with a 3.5mm aux output) to play my own music through. This really gives the whole experience of owning this radio an edge as I am not restricted to just what is being broadcast (although there’s plenty enough to choose from!)

The radio can run off both mains and battery pack. The battery pack, which is available separately, gives you up to 30 hours of continuous playback and when the battery runs out all you have to do is charge it up, using the mains on the radio. This has of course meant that I can take the radio outside with me when in the garden (currently a rare event but it’ll soon be spring.)

The speakers have a supreme quality for the size of the radio itself and this means I need never struggle to hear what is playing.

Ease of use is a massive must for me as I do not want something too technical; I just want to be able to turn it on and get playing music. When first plugging in, the radio automatically sets the time and will auto-tune to available radio stations. It’s then incredibly easy to turn the radio to different channels and to pre-set stations. I liked that it will set the time for you so you don’t have to keep scrolling through and pressing a host of buttons to select the correct time. Anyone who has done this will realise how handy this is, eliminating a lot of the stress that some people have when setting up electrical items.

Over all I would say that this radio is a must buy for anyone who loves listening to the radio in good quality and doesn’t want to be restricted to just one room. I must just add that this product comes with a three year guarantee.

Available in both oak and walnut finishes, the Pure Evoke H2 is available to buy online, via our Click & Collect service in as little as one hour* or why not contact your local store and ask about a demo – it’ll be music to your ears!

* – selected locations; subject to availability