Review: Samsung Q70 4K UHD QLED Smart TV

Guest blog by Charlie,

The Samsung Q70RATX is one of the latest models for 2019 from Samsung and belongs in the middle range for price. This TV comes in five different sizes from 49 to 82 inches; this means that there is a TV size to suit every customer. Compared to the other recent additions to the TV selection, this is one above the entry level set (the Samsung Q60) but this doesn’t make it any less great!

The Samsung Q70 comes with the quantum 4K chip-set with AI enhancements which enhances the picture quality to 4K resolution (3840 x 2160). This TV also has wider viewing angles so that you don’t have to sit directly in front of the TV to see the best picture quality. Another great addition to the Q70 is the inclusion of HDR1000, this means that the TV can reach 1,000 nits of peak brightness which will also help the 100% colour volume. This results in the stunning visuals you would expect from a cutting edge Samsung TV.

Don’t think that you are skimping out by not buying the other, more expensive, QLED models, the Samsung Q70 comes with all of the usual smart features the other sets have. This includes Netflix, YouTube and their famed Ambient Mode. This unique feature displays artwork of your choice on the TV so that when it’s off you don’t have an ugly black screen on your wall. A must for those who are interested in interior decorating, you can customise the picture to your own images or choose from some of the pictures Samsung have already downloaded onto the Q70. This range of TVs is ideal for customers who are looking for a QLED set and don’t want to spend too much money but still want the smart aspects alongside a 4K picture.

The Q70 also includes Samsung’s Bixby voice control. Bixby is an intelligent assistant that can help buyers control their TV by voice. If this doesn’t appeal to you, this TV also works with Alexa and Google Assistant while also connecting via SmartThings. Airplay 2 is also available with this TV for the people who have compatible devices. This enables you to stream shows, movies, music and cast images from your Apple devices.

Setup of the Q70

The setup for the Q70 is fairly easy, if you want to use the smart features, you need to connect it to the Internet or connect through Ethernet cable straight from your router. If you’re wanting to just watch television, all you have to do is run a HDMI from the chosen TV box and into one of the HDMI ports on the Q70.

Warranty on the Q70

The Samsung Q70 comes with a 10-year screen burn warranty to give people extra peace of mind. The reason Samsung has added this is because some people believe that, as there are so many pixels, they burn and the screen is affected. This warranty should give buyers some extra reassurance that this is not the case.

  Added features

Keep your set up aesthetically pleasing with the 15-metre invisible cable. This is a cable which runs from a one connect box to the screen so that you don’t have to have all of the leads going into the TV. You can connect all of the cables to the one connect box and then it transfers all of the connections to the TV. The cable is a see-through cable which is basically invisible unless you know to look for it. Unfortunately, these are add on’s and have to be bought separately.

Another additional item you could buy as part of an optimal set up is the twin soundbar (HWQ70R). Built to assist the Q70, this soundbar comes with Dolby Atmos for the best sound quality possible.


The Samsung Q70 is a great TV if you want to get an amazing QLED screen at a reasonable price and it has many features that the rest of the range has – meaning you don’t miss out by buying a cheaper model. The Q70 comes with all of the features that give the range its flawless visuals such as full array and wider viewing angles. If you’re looking to get a QLED, this is the best model without a huge price tag! So, why wait? Take a look at the product online here or visit your nearest Hughes store for a full demonstration by our friendly team of geniuses. Happy shopping!