Review: Shark IZ201UK Anti-Hair Wrap DuoClean Cordless Vacuum

Shark IZ201UK Review

Guest blog by Hughes Swaffham.

The Shark IZ201UK is the UK’s best-selling cordless vacuum cleaner and, after using it, there’s no wonder why. This vacuum has been designed to tackle every area of your home with maximum efficiency and versatility.

In the box you get everything you need, including the main vacuum in 3 parts, the battery, charger, all of your accessories and even a bag to hold them in. Assembly is easy, following the quick start guide, you connect the 3-parts of the vacuum together using its simple clip connectors indicated by Shark’s orange colour design.

The single-battery, cordless, stick vacuum cleaner is engineered for your convenience. Offering an amazing run-time of up to 40 minutes, it’s the perfect choice for quick clean-ups and deep cleaning alike. The clever wand flexes and bends to easily clean underneath low furniture such as beds, sofas and coffee tables. This diverse Shark Vacuum Cleaner can also transform from a cordless stick into a cordless handheld at the press of a button. It’s perfect for vacuuming stairs, sofas and furnishings, and easily cleans inside cars and caravans. Using the wand in handheld mode makes it easy to tackle ceilings, curtains and light fittings that would normally be out of reach. Handy attachments are included to help clean upholstery, crevices and many other surfaces you may encounter around your home. With just one click, fold your new vacuum down for compact storage. Whether you’ve finished cleaning or just need to pause to answer the door, there’s no need for storage hooks or leaning against walls.

In one vacuum cleaner, Shark provide all of the tools and technology you could need. The popular anti-hair wrap feature makes vacuuming your home seem less like a chore and leaves your vacuum tangle free. This unique design works by separating and removing hair with a bristle guard and comb to leave the brush roll tangle-free. It also features Shark’s iconic DuoClean technology to help you effortlessly move from room to room without the need to stop and change floor heads. The DuoClean floor head deep cleans carpets with two motorised brush-rolls that help to remove even the smallest of particles from the floor while the signature LED headlights help to light up hidden dust under your furniture and in dark corners making deep cleaning effortless.

Shark keeps you breezing through your chore list with a removable Lithium-Ion battery pack that can be recharged on or off the vacuum at any plug socket in your home. This keeps you moving so there’s no need to be tied to a docking station while a helpful battery light indicators clearly show how much charge you’ve got left. The IZ201UK Shark Vacuum Cleaner also offers reassurance for allergy sufferers with Shark’s Anti-Allergen Complete Seal, capturing and trapping 99.9% of dust and allergens inside the vacuum, not releasing them back into the air you breathe.

All-in-all, not only is this vacuum a fantastic buy, but Shark is so confident in the quality of their products that they offer a 5-year guarantee (2 years for the battery) – absolutely free! All you have to do is register the product and you are covered. To see the full product specs, please visit our website here or take a trip to your local Hughes store where our knowledgeable team of experts will be waiting to help with advice and product demonstrations.