Review: Sonos One SL Smart Speaker

Sonos One SL

Guest blog by Kevin,

If you are looking for a new music system in preparation for the fun that is yet to come in 2020, then the Sonos One SL speaker might just be the system for you. Sonos is well known for creating what is widely considered to be the best and most efficient music system to cover your whole house. Their multi-room music systems are not just smart (in more ways than one) but also award-winning!  

So, what is the difference between this and the Sonos One? While it looks almost identical to the original compact speaker, this new version is in fact microphone-free. This is perfect for those who dislike the idea of a device listening in on a full time basis. Available in two colours, it features two Class D Amplifiers which work together to create a surprisingly powerful sound despite its small size. If you buy more than one of these great speakers then you can take full advantage of the pairing capabilities by creating a stereo pair. This will give you better separation and a more detailed sound. If you then pair these with one of the soundbar offerings in the range then they can be used effectively as rear speakers for a full surround sound system. Sonos even have a subwoofer available to work with their speakers if you wish to expand on the sound quality even further. 

Sonos One SL on display

Customers will be pleased to note that Sonos technology can be controlled via a free app available on both ios and android. This app will allow you to listen to Internet radio, play music from your computer/tablet/phone or access a number of music streaming services including Spotify (Spotify Premium required), Deezer, Apple Music and Amazon Music. It is also controllable through Apple Airplay 2 and Spotify Connect. The Sonos One SL is also compatible with Audible for when music just won’t do.

Navigation is also simple and effortless with plenty of touch controls on the speaker itself. Just swipe the top of the speaker to change the current song on a playlist or to adjust the volume. It goes without saying that you can also play and pause any music playing through the speaker using the buttons provided.  

Sonos One SL stock image

Given its compact design, the Sonos One SL will be a perfect fit for almost any location. TruePlay technology ensures that it can truly be placed anywhere. It does this by analysing the quality of sound in each location that it is placed and adjusts accordingly so that you always get the sound you deserve. It is also versatile with both floor stands available for the device and the option to wall-mount the speaker wherever you desire.

Sonos not only designed and built the speakers themselves, but they also programme and update the speakers to give them more functionality and versatility throughout their lifespan. This includes bringing in new features to keep the smart functions current amongst its competitors.

The Sonos One SL is available now in your local Hughes store and on our website. So, why not come in and give it a listen to see what the future of music sounds like today!