Review: Sonos Play:3 Wireless Hi-Fi Speaker

Guest blog by Steve.

For those unfamiliar with Sonos, it is a wireless multiroom audio system, enabling users to have speakers in separate rooms linked over the Wi-Fi network. The speakers can either play the same song at the same time or play different songs / content in different rooms, all controlled by either the users Smartphone, laptop/PC, or tablet.

There are a few speakers in the range; the small Play:1, the ‘medium sized’ Play 3, and the biggest speaker, the Play:5. There is a smart TV soundbar, called the Playbar, and also a subwoofer. In this blog, I will focus on the Play:3.

It has a very crisp clear sound, and I have sat down many times to listen to many different types of music through it, ranging from hard rock and metal, way down to ‘gentle’ acoustic pieces. It handles the different genres very well indeed, with excellent amounts of bass, while at the same time offering clear vocals and very good treble. The Play 3 has one tweeter, creating a crisp accurate high frequency response and a bass radiator to provide deep, clean and powerful bass, using energised air inside the speaker itself. The bass and treble are fully adjustable, so you can suit the sound to match your tastes!

snsplay3-2The Play 3 has Trueplay; this measures the acoustics in the room, analysing things like size, layout and furnishings. It then fine tunes the speaker, optimizing sound and making the music sound fantastic, no matter where it is placed in a room!

The Play:3 has three integrated speakers and three digital amps, and can be used horizontally or vertically. Ideal for a medium sized bedroom, living room, kitchen or bathroom, it offers a very impressive big sound, and due to it being smaller than the new Play 5, it can be tucked subtly in a corner out of the way.

It is possible to stereo pair two Play:3s to make an even louder, more incredible sound, and they can be used with the Sonos Playbar and Subwoofer as rear speakers to create an unbelievable and immersive surround sound.

snsplay3-3For those of you looking to start your own Sonos system, the Play:3 is an excellent place to start, and you will be blown away by the crisp, big sound you get from such a small speaker! For those of you looking to add on more speakers to your existing Sonos system, the Play:3 is ideal due to the sound quality, size, and the stereo pairing ability makes them even more tempting!

Currently £229* to buy or to rent from £2.54*, they are a brilliant price for such an amazing sounding music system, and as I am looking at starting my own Sonos system, I am definitely looking at getting a Play:3 for my first speaker!

I definitely recommend contacting your local branch of Hughes and asking about a demonstration. Talking to the staff about the Play:3 and listening to it and the other speakers in the range will allow you to experience the amazing sound, style and design for yourself. We will be more than happy to go through the system and the app with you, and even let you have a play with our speakers so you can experience it for yourself!

Be warned though: if you’re starting your own Sonos system and are just toying with the idea of getting one speaker to begin with – it’s addictive and you will wonder how you ever coped without the Sonos range!