Review: Sonos Wireless Subwoofer in Gloss Black

Guest blog by Jon.

The Sonos Sub is a wonderful compliment to the other Sonos speakers and is designed specifically to enhance both their home cinema and pairs of their smaller Hi-Fi speakers. It has a super sleek, gloss black design which makes it look appealing if it’s on display at home, too.

The Sonos Sub’s rather unique design means you have actually got 2 Sub drivers firing towards each other within its central cavity to deliver a very tight, punchy yet incredibly subtle bass experience. In my opinion the mark of a good subwoofer is not noticing it’s there until it has been switched off and the Sonos Sub certainly has that attribute.

As well as with the Play Bar, the Sub can also be used with the Play:3 or Play:5 speakers. A pair of Play:5s with the Sub is easily as good as Hi-Fi separates equalling the same value with the added bonus of not having to have bulky equipment or miles of speaker cable in the room, you just need access to 3 power sockets and a broadband connection.

sub-2Adding the sub to existing Sonos equipment is really easy, too. The App simply walks you through the process which takes just minutes to do. The app also has some very cool and easy to use EQ settings for optimising the sound experience that the Sub provides. Aside from the obvious wireless connectivity the sub has very little else on it to make it complicated or daunting. There’s a power cable (of course), an Ethernet (RJ45) port for hard wiring it to your network and the power button. That’s it!

The Sub itself sounds great straight out of the box but the more you use it the tighter and more subtle it becomes as the drivers and built in amp begin to ‘run in’ so it actually gets better with use.

sub-3The design of the Sub means it can be used standing upright or lying down. You don’t even need to have the Sub on display to get the benefit of it; being hidden behind a sofa or TV stand will not impair the quality of the sound that it delivers.

It almost sounds too good to be true and for the price it needs to be but having heard it compared to similarly priced subs it most certainly stands up in its price range.

Once you’ve heard the Sonos Sub paired with the Play Bar you’ll wonder how you ever enjoyed your Play Bar without it. Adding a pair of Play:3s into the mix as rear speakers makes for a great wireless home cinema solution.

The Sonvos Sub – reinventing the wireless wheel!  Find out about buying here or find your local shop for a demo and to ask about renting the Sonos Sub.