Review: Sony BRAVIA 4K OLED A80J Smart TV Range

Sony A80J Smart TV

Guest blog by Lizz from Hughes Beccles,

Bring true entertainment into the home with the Sony Bravia A80J range of Smart 4K TVs complete with an ultra HD, OLED display and HDR. The star of any home cinema system, this device is guaranteed to provide limitless hours of entertainment that the whole family can enjoy.

The A80J range of Sony TVs comes equipped with the new Google Operating System, making TVs smarter than ever. This system allows you to connect the TV to your existing Google smart home set up giving you complete voice control of not only your TV but also your fully connected smart home. The voice control button on the remote is simple and easy to use, with a responsive microphone, it can help you find what you are looking for quickly and efficiently.

Chrome OS also gives you access to over 7000 apps and games, including the latest streaming services, ensuring that there is always something for everyone. The new home screen is easy to navigate, prompting you to select your most used apps in order to design a personalised content hub for you to enjoy. This means that you’ll never miss your favourite shows! With built-in Chromecast, it’s never been easier to cast from your smart device, allowing you to share memories with all the family and continue watching your latest YouTube videos on the big screen.

The Cognitive XR Processor in the A80J is next level technology. In the 2021 OLED models, you now have a TV that mimics the human experience when it comes to sight and sound. Giving priority to every tiny detail, it makes images more realistic than ever before. The Cognitive XR Processor ensures that the contrast is adjusted accordingly to prevent outlandish glares and loss of detail in darker areas. XR Colour and XR Clarity work hard to provide you with more realistic shades, tones, textures and definition whilst XR Motion prevents motion blur, allowing you to enjoy fast paced actions without movement streaks or lagging pictures.

As well as excellent Cognitive XR Picture Processing, the A80J also brings you XR Sound. With new technology allowing you to experience sound as you do in real life, a 3D audio experience is created by directing sound from both the sides and top of the screen. This gives you the full surround sound set up without the need for an expensive home cinema system.

Ever bought a new TV and then realised it doesn’t fit on your existing TV unit at home? This is no longer a problem with Sony’s new adjustable feet. The A80J’s design gives you the choice of 3 feet positions, standard, narrow and soundbar, allowing you to fit your TV comfortably in your home. The soundbar position is perfect for combining your visual and audio systems into one joined unit, creating the perfect home cinema design with a sleek and stylish design. While the new minimalist One Slate screen means that you’ve got more screen than ever to enjoy your favourite shows and games on. The premium metal bezel is extremely narrow to remove any distractions and the aluminium stand ensures your TV always looks chic.

Overall, the A80J gives you the same excellent sound and premium picture quality you would expect from Sony. The build quality and Google Operating System ensures that you’re getting a TV which fits perfectly into your home and lifestyle with an extensive app library to keep the whole family entertained all year round. Want to find out more? Click here to visit our dedicated product page or visit your nearest Hughes store for a handy chat with our team of experts.