Review: Salter EK2817H 2L Compact Air Fryer

Salter Compact Air Fryer Review

The Air Fryer is arguably one of the most sought for kitchen appliance in recent months. More energy efficient than the standard oven and quicker too, these countertop appliances make cooking effortless. With this in mind, we’re convinced that the Salter EK2817H 1000W Air Fryer is the perfect appliance to introduce you to the wonders of air frying.

With a 2L food capacity, this compact air fryer is perfect for smaller households and would also be ideal for student accommodation. Using little to no oil, this creates a healthier alternative to the usual fried food and can often be used as a multifunctional alternative. Cook everything from meat and poultry to the usual vegetables and chips. Featuring a timer and variable temperature dial of up to 200 Celsius, this fryer has simple controls which are easy to use.

Clean-up is also effortless with a non-stick removable basket, just wait for it to cool and handwash. You can also avoid taking up precious counter space with its smaller size of 23.5cm x 30.5cm making it perfect to store it away in a cupboard when not in use.

Overall, with its simple design and effortless clean up, it’s ideal for smaller kitchens with a lack of counter space. To view full product specs, please visit the Hughes website or visit your local store to chat with our team of electrical experts. Don’t forget to keep an eye on our dedicated competition page for the latest news and updates on our weekly prize draws.