Introducing the Samsung Freestyle Portable Smart TV Projector

Samsung Freestyle Review

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for! Samsung have just announced the launch of their latest product for 2022 and it’s safe to say that all of the technology experts here are very excited! Samsung are well-known for being one of the leading brands in smart TVs and it is no surprise that they have once again revolutionised the way we view our favourite films and tv shows with the Samsung Freestyle! Fully portable, this compact smart TV projector provides a stunning display with minimal set up and maximum fun.

The Freestyle has evolved the humble projector of our school days and provided a hub of entertainment that is compact and fully portable. Just plug it in and access the latest movies and trending TV series from your favourite streaming services including Netflix, Disney+, YouTube to name just a few. Don’t have a plug socket near-by? The Freestyle can also be powered by a compatible, external battery to give you ultimate versatility! Take it on picnics, camping or even to the beach and keep your friends and family entertained for hours.

Samsung Freestyle Smart TV Projector

Experience the greatness of a Samsung Smart TV without the boundaries. Like other smart TVs in Samsung’s extraordinary collection, the Freestyle is powered by Tizen so that you can enjoy all of your favourite content in full HD HDR picture quality. Improvise a screen using any flat surface and vary the display size from 30” to an amazing 100” for a truly cinematic set up. From the wall to the ceiling, there is a whole world of possibilities thanks to the automatic keystone and levelling features correcting crooked and skewed images for a straight 16:9 rectangular display. Using smart calibration, you can enjoy a sharp, optimised image with the brightness and colour tone automatically adjusting depending on the surface colour it is being projected on to. This guarantees an image with bright and, most importantly, accurate colours no matter where you are.

With a bright, optimised image, there is only one more variable that can impact the luxury viewing experience – the audio! The Samsung Freestyle Smart TV Projector is equipped with a powerful, built-in speaker for a rich, 360-degree soundscape. Enjoy premium sound from any position around the device with superior Dolby Digital Plus technology providing a truly immersive display.

Another handy addition to its long list of features is the ability to use mobile mirroring. By simply connecting your smartphone to the device via the Samsung SmartThings app or AirPlay2, you can mirror what’s being shown on your mobile screen, anytime and anywhere.

With the Samsung Freestyle available to pre-order now, it’s safe to say that we can’t wait for everyone to get their hands on this new and revolutionary piece of tech. Want to find out more? View the full product specs and pre-order your own Samsung Freestyle here!