Spalding’s iPad day

Guest blog by Graham

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Once again held in Bookmark, a local independent bookstore, with comfortable surroundings and in-store restaurant we were able to demonstrate, overcome issues in a relaxed manner over coffee with many of the attendees.

Interestingly most of the questions and feedback came from the elderly, retired, again highlighting the interest in the latest technology, even more surprising that those who had already purchased elsewhere were left to their own devices, with no assistance post purchase.

From a personal perspective this type of cross business cooperation is vital to market towns, many of the visitors in the store were Hughes customers, and people known to me, and surprised the manager when I could greet them by name.

The Spalding branch recently teamed up with Bookmark Spalding, a local independent bookstore, (and a hidden gem for the town) to operate an “iPad for Beginners” drop-in session, aimed at those who are new to this modern technology, or are having problems with an existing device.

image3Simplicity of operation and touch control using an easy graphic interface the iPad is an ideal entry into the connected world, many of the visitors on the day were older generation, keen to learn, keep in touch with family and revel in the new power they have at their fingertips.

With a choice of a 9.7″ screen size for home use and the smaller 7.9″ suitable for travel, we can offer rental rates starting at just £10 per month, giving you an easy, manageable entry into the digital age. No internet connection? No problem, we can even arrange broadband for you with our partners SKY.

With a range of Wi-Fi printers available in-store or online and making use of some of the many apps available from the App Store, many of the traditional office type applications are easily accessed.

The list of apps – from reading, music, photography, gaming, Skype, maps, genealogy research, cookery tips… the list really is endless. As one octogenarian said to us “The iPad is the Swiss Army knife of computing.”

So, get connected, log on and start your own journey, in your quest for knowledge and information.