Take Greater Control of Your Environment with Hughes Smart

Hughes Smart blinds installation

For many, smart technology is still seen as a luxury that doesn’t have an impact on day-to-day life… but this is simply not the case! In fact, if smart technology is fully utilised and installed correctly then it can really change the way you live for the better.

A prime example of underrated features is the use of smart blinds. As the product itself is essentially fabric to the naked eye, many wonder how this can be upgraded to a ‘smart’ status. Any control system can control their movement but not many can intelligently sensor and adapt your environment without the use of buttons or voice control. Our elegant smart systems do exactly that and work alongside other features you may have in your home to create the ultimate network needed for a truly smart home.

So, how else can blinds possibly make a difference? How about automatically closing when it gets to dusk?  Or shutting when you want to watch your favourite film? You can also program them to automatically open when the sun starts to shine and make the most of sunny British weather.  Even better, they can monitor the sun and adjust throughout the day, constantly changing, to stop the room from overheating?  They can even aid your security protocols by opening and closing throughout your holiday to make it look like you are still home. There are so many applications for smart blinds to interact with you and your home, making your life easier, safer, and more welcoming.

We have a huge range of styles, colours and sizes that can be custom-made to your needs. Please note that we can also work alongside many existing motorised blind manufacturers to control and adapt them to suit a smarter way of living.  With Hughes Smart, it’s about making the technology work for you. After all, it should enhance your lifestyle while not taking over the way you live. Get in touch with your smart technology experts today for a free estimate.